Wednesday, January 1, 2003

the story of us

we are asked this question all the time so i figured it was necessary to backtrack and put it in. after all, it is the anchor to this family we have created...

july 4th, 2002

today i received an im from a stranger. my mother taught me well, never talk to strangers, but i am the type to test all boundaries. a few days earlier while being nosey on AOL, i had accidentally come across the profile of a nice looking guy named chris. his profile was charming and his words seemingly genuine. for reasons that i still am unsure of, i felt brave and sent him an "oops, accidentally stumbled on to your profile" email along with a nice compliment. i invited him to email me back or im me anytime. i thought nothing else of it until today when his screen name popped up in my im window. we had a nice chat as i anxiously watched the sky getting darker and darker. i am enjoying the conversation immensely and at the same time watching the clock knowing that i am late in joining my friends for the 4th of july festivities. after about two hours typing back and forth chris asks if he may call me. i am very hesitant. i tell him that i am more comfortable making the call(and blocking my number) and i pick up the phone.on the other end is a thick british accent and i suddenly feel panic. this surely is not the black man that i saw in the we talked for about 4 more hours, through the fireworks & into the wee hours of the morning. this was the prelude to a relationship that would land me all the way across the country 6 months later. after months of lengthy nightly conversations, thousands of frequent flyer miles, i packed my bags and set out to be with my prince.who would have known that not even three years later he would be my husband, and i would be giving birth to our three beautiful