Friday, August 31, 2007

The day Mommy gets her heartbroken, oh bittersweetness...

Of course the first place I run is to my computer to blog about it. I know you guys understand, that's why.

This morning was the "fiwst day go skoo", yes, first day of school. Last night the kids were jumping around like wild animals with excitement over "going skooo morrow" so naturally I thought it was going to go off without a hitch. This morning they were so excited, helping me get all six shoes and socks gathered up. We pulled out our new doggie "packpacks" and headed for the door, only running an hour behind schedule...not bad right? Luckily today is only our first test run. The excitement carried through our 5 minute trip through the neighborhood and I explained that they were going to play, and read, and sing, and dance, and eat nummies, and make friends, yadda yadda yadda. They all jumped out and ran up to the building and even walked calmly with Mommy to the classroom. Once we hung up our backpacks that I had to pry off of them, the panic button went off. Mason first, then the others. The teacher invited them to circle time and they looked at her like she was crazy. Mommy was asked to scoot out quickly, so I did. Three minutes later, my children could be heard well over a few blocks away I am sure. Wailing, all three of them. "MAMA". My first instinct flew me back around and started towards the classroom, "Mrs. J don't do's going to be ok". Ok, no problem, go ahead and tear my heart out no biggie. They assured me this was normal and that they would eventually all calm down. I hung around in tears for the next 30 minutes just listening. Asjia never really stopped, the boys decided it wasn't so bad and just backed into a corner together to observe. My sister in law happens to be the director of the school, so that makes me feel a tad bit better. She promised me she would make her presence known to them throughout the day and remind them that Mommy would be back soon. I drove home very reluctantly, walked through the door in to a quiet house, and broke down like a big baby. What have I done? I can't even do my dishes in peace and quiet thinking that my baby's are being traumatized. Oh, this is painful, lemme tell ya. Hopefully all the teachers are right, hopefully I will go back for them and they will be all perked up and having a ball. Every parent I have talked to say it's the best thing they could have done for their children, lets hope they were right! I will keep you posted.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


I got it! YaY! I got it! YaY! I got it! YaY!

She just called me a couple hours after I wrote this post. I am sooooo excited! I got the management position and all the goodies I wanted! Beautiful! Thank You God! Thank You! Yes♥Yes♥Yes(squealing)!!!

Third M.A.C interview went awesome yesterday, should here back on the final decision by Friday...stomach will be in knots until then, but I should mention that the knots are positive knots;)

Just Wondering?

If your kids are between 2 and 4 are you feeling:

Exhausted, loopy, unmotivated, overwhelmed, or outnumbered?

Do your ears hurt from screaming, fighting, and just plain noise?

Do your eyes hurt from looking at the messes, the mounds of laundry, and the dismantled furnishings around your home?

Just wondering where I stand in the ranks of Mommy's with multiples during the terrible two's?

I need to get over it, I know

I can't help but think of Austin and what his Mom Michelle has been through when I stop worrying for a moment about Asjia's upcoming surgery. It's minor, very minor. And I have been Blessed with three of the healthiest kids around. I have known she was going to need to have this cyst removed from above her eye for quite some time now. The Doc advised I have it taken out a year and a half ago but I wasn't ready. I am a big chicken, fear full of anything having to do with a hospital. Yesterday when he was explaining the risks of the surgery to me, I just couldn't help but question why that sounds better than just leaving the little cyst there. Is it really that critical? Then I think of the millions of successful surgeries that are saving lives as I write this, then I think of families like Austin's who's only hope in getting well is surgery. Even though it's scary to me, I feel guilty for worrying about trivial little problems that some people would gladly trade me for their enormous ones. I just wanted to express my feelings of compassion for all of you who have or are experiencing this scary and painful position. My heart and my prayers go out to you.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Last days of summer

Here are a few pics of our day at Hershey Park. We drove up with Angie, Ray, Lindsey, Leena, and Lorelei. Even though it was hot and sticky, it was still a good time. We got in a few hours before the kids got tired and kranky. The Zoo was a big hit. Asjia loved the Cwoc-a-diuhhhl. You can check out Angie's page for more pics, she is way better at taking them than me!

The Dad's stopping for a breather. They had their work cut out for them, pulling their way through crowds in the sizzling heat.

My three silly kids were more interested in the big poop on the ground than the endangered white owl.

Caught this one of Miss Asjia looking like such a big girl. Where have my babies gone?

And they just couldn't handle another moment. Two down, one to go. Who says you can't nap in the Choo Choo wagon?

Making memories one by one.........

six really cute kiddos

our big caravan

Monday, August 27, 2007

10 things that having children has taught me

♥ That my heart can never run out of Love

♥ That I work best under pressure

♥ That a child's Love is more valuable than anything money can buy

♥ That a Suburban really is not that big of a vehicle after all

♥ And $150 a week in groceries is nothing

♥ That patience is virtue

♥ That you can laugh at almost everything that you can cry about

♥ That we as humans have such a profound influence on each other

♥ To understand my own Mother so much better

♥ That I am so Blessed

technical difficulties...

Apologies. My computer got a virus and I have been trying to get it all cleaned up for the past couple of days. We had a really fun weekend, I will post pictures soon. Update on M.A.C - the regional called me today to let me know that they are interested and are waiting for her boss to schedule my third and final interview which will be a phone interview:) So Excited!!! Keep fingers crossed and prayers flowing! Anyway, here are the last two of the 100th post, sorry to drag it out!

10 Confessions of your average Triplet Mommy

• I yell way too much.

• I feel uneasy when my kids don't match.

• I sometimes wish I had my very own apartment across the street that I could keep clean & decorated, where I could run and hide for moments of peace and quiet.

• If people just "drop by" and my house is a mess, I pretend I'm not home.

• Having children has really made me a better person.

• They don't always get a bath every day.

Neither do I.

• I dose off during cartoon time in the morning.

• If my Husband said "let's have more" I would probably wouldn't be able to resist.

Friday, August 24, 2007

10 reasons I adore my husband

♥ He makes me laugh EVERY DAY.

♥ He's a lot like my own Father who I highly respect and admire.

♥ He's very sexy.

♥ He's ambitious & never stops thinking, and he is the hardest working man I know.

♥ He's loyal, thoughtful, and generous.

♥ He's a God fearing Man.

♥ He's a wonderful Father.

♥ He understands me.

♥ He Loves my family like they were his own.

♥ He can dance.

and there are a few more things i really like about him too.......

My 10 Biggest Fears

• God. Not the type of fear you might imagine. More of a fear of disappointment or shortcoming. I am constantly trying to put my thoughts, feelings, and actions into perspective and live more through his eyes.

• Death. No matter how secure I feel in my relationship with God, I am not comfortable with death. I am very attached to the "physical". I want to be right here in the flesh with my children...forever!

• Loosing a Loved one. Any of them.

• Illness. This should be my biggest fear being that I neglect my health. It is pretty close to last on my list of priorities, I need to get that in check!

• Failing as a parent.
Knowing that these three will most likely be my only three, it is scary to think that if I make a mistake in parenting, they will all feel the pain. Most parents get to improve with every child. I try and not let the chaos and stress in our lives take away from this wonderful and unique experience that we have been given.

• Balloons Popping. HATE IT.

• Bee's, Wasp's, or anything else that fly's and stings. I can run really fast when it comes to getting away from a bee.

• The filter at the bottom of the pool.

• Roller Coasters.

• Swimming in the dark.

10 favorites

♥ movie: The Color Purple

♥ song: Whiter Shade of Pale by: Procol Harum

♥ designer: Chloe

♥ treat: toss up between Starbucks & Cinnabon

♥ memory: seeing my babies for the first time

♥ book: To Kill a Mockingbird

♥ smell: my kids

♥ sound: the rain, or my children's giggles

♥ actor: Christopher Walken

♥ color: brown

10 things all about me

♥ I am a God fearing Woman.

♥ I am staring 30 dead in the eye.

♥ I am a homebody.

♥ I never believed I would get to be a Mommy, but always wished to.

♥ I Love to eat.

♥ I am a girly the MAX

♥ I call my Mom at least once a day, she is my Hero.

♥ I met my darling Husband online.

♥ I secretley fantasize about living on the beach in jamaica and running a jet ski business.

♥ I am half Caucasian, half Mexican, my husband is a British Jamaican, and My kids are all mixed up.

10 things I want my kids to know.

♥ That you are my greatest Love, and my Love will forever be unconditional. There is absolutely nothing more important to me.

♥ God. Without him, there is no us.

♥ That you are individuals, and that each of your dreams and ambitions are equally as important to me.

♥ That you can achieve anything you put your heart and soul in to.

♥ That life is short, and never to be taken for granted.

♥ That it is important to learn from your mistakes.

♥ That laughter is medicine.

♥ That you have the power to make a difference. Be it on one or many, every little bit counts.

♥ That Daddy and I will always be here for you.

♥ That no matter what, you must always stick together and Love one another.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

10 things I love about my children

♥ I Love their sleepy faces when they just wake up in the morning or from a nap.

♥ I Love their smell.

♥ I Love to hear them giving each other directions.

♥ I Love to hear them giggle.

♥ I Love their ability to give endless amounts of hugs and kisses

♥ I Love their munchkin voices.

♥ I Love the looks on their faces when they discover something new.

♥ I Love that they Love me.

♥ I Love that they adore their Daddy.

♥ I Love their tender innocence.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

10 "I would rather's"

♥ I would rather endure every challenge that comes with being a Parent of Multiples than to live one day without my children.

♥ I would rather be happy, healthy, and loved than be rich, famous, and beautiful.

♥ I would rather drink coffee than tea.

♥ I would rather have a hand full of great friends, than tons of acquaintances.

♥ I would rather see the ocean than the mountains, and I would rather be surrounded by the desert than lush green trees.

♥ I would rather be at home with my family gathered around lounging on the sofa, than out on the town.

♥ I would rather stay up late at night than wake up early in the morning.

♥ I would rather write an email than talk on the phone.

♥ I would rather have 1 thousand dollar handbag than 20 cheap poor Husband;)

100th post series

Hello Hello!

Well, I figured I would follow the 100th post celebration that I have seen many of you do. It's fun & entertaining, and gives us a better sense of who each other are. So here is the first of 10 posts in honor of the 100th. Enjoy!

10 things I could not live without as a Mother of 3 toddlers

♥ An emergency poop party prevention and clean-up kit which includes:

duct tape
tight fitting onesies
and a little green machine

♥ Zoo Pals paper plates, plastic utensils, and a big stash of snack size Ziploc bags. Not so environmentally responsible, but I think Mom's with two or more children are of the hook on that one.

♥ Ikea highchairs. Although we are almost out of the highchair stage, these were some very well kept secrets. They are simple, easy to clean, and stack in to a nice neat little corner.

♥ Nearly illegal doses of caffeine.

♥ A Costco membership and an extra freezer(I am still working on the latter).

♥ A Choo Choo wagon. What did I do without this brilliant little invention for the first 2 years of my triplets life?

♥ A stash of chapsticks and candy bracelets. These can be a real lifesaver in airplanes, Doctor's offices, and shopping malls .

♥ A Petsmart nearby to substitute for the Zoo.

♥ Spanx...the lady who perfected these things is my hero! I carried almost 17lbs of baby, enough said.

♥ A posse of Momma Friends in Blog Land.

Post# 99 1/2


That is what I am trying to do at this moment. I cannot believe that I have not blogged for a whole week, sorry! I have been interviewing, and was Blessed with an interview at M.A.C. which is my absolute dream job. There were a couple of opportunities that were also great, but they ended up falling through. However, I had no idea in my wildest imagination that I would be interviewing with my favorite company in the world♥

I have been eating, breathing, and sleeping M.A.C all week. Getting hair, nails, and makeup perfected. Today I had my second interview which I had to bring a model to and apply her makeup in front of the regional trainer. Scary stuff for a stay at home Mommy who has been out of the loop for a few years. I think I did great! I am praying for the job. It is such a passion of mine. I must say, that regardless of the outcome, it was a great learning experience. I have been on a super fast, very exciting journey this week. If nothing else I reminded myself of my abilities and potential. Today when I was standing there dressed in all black, funky hair, & perfect makeup I laughed to myself. If they could only see me on a "normal day". Hair in a ponytail, traces of yesterday's makeup, and three sticky children hangin off of me in my nightgown at lunchtime...and on that note, PRAY FOR ME:)

I promise I will be back tomorrow for my 100th posting!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Yin and Yang = to Laugh or Cry

My Husband, I love him to death. He makes me laugh every single day. He is the most generous, gentle natured, hard-working man I know besides my own father. But how in the world did the most type A personality in the world find the most type B personality? I guess this is what yin and yang is all about? I am a bit anal when it comes to organization, you have to be in a household of this are a few funny things from the weekend that I really found no humor in at the time. I even took pictures to give you a better idea;)

I wonder in milliseconds how much longer it would take to peel back the safety seal than to punch through it like a savage?

And, how hard is it to keep sippy cups with sippy cups, lids with lids, bowls with bowls, etc? They all have a place, the same place they have been neatly lined up for 2 1/2 years. I let him do the dishes so he could feel the frustration I have over the dishwasher that has been broken for the last I got out of doing the dishes for once, now I have to go back and reorganize my kitchen cabinets. I think that is called "backfire".

And lastly, what in a Man's right mind would make him think that he should use a MAC lipstick to write a note to me on the mirror? And no, it was not a Love note. My MAC obsession is very well known, I am constantly made fun of for the big black metal suitcase full of it. I pull it out and polish it and play with it like a little girl and her barbies. When I woke him up at 1am to ask him what he wrote the note with(before I had found my mangled lipstick) he mumbled, "Oh Missy, You have hundreds of MAC lipsticks, I just picked one out of the box". This afternoon, when I revisited the topic over the phone he assured me it was no big deal and offered to re-shape it when he gets home, uhhhhh No Thanks. Lets just say, this note on the mirror cost him $20. I am going to Nordstrom later on today to replace it ;)

free your mind, and the rest will follow...

This is post #98 by the way, only two more until the big 100th!

One of my inner battles lately has been whether or not I should return to work or stay home until the kids go off to elementary school. A few months ago, when I enrolled them in a part-time Christian pre-school, it was for the purpose of socialization and a few hours of free time for myself. I wondered if the stress sometimes associated with getting them ready and out the door was worth the 6 hours a week of "free time" I would be getting. By the time I got them all strapped in and dropped off I would be rushing to get back for them. Regardless, I decided that it was worth it for them . They too could use some quality time away from home, some mental stimulation, and some socialization.

I have always imagined myself being a SAHM and felt Blessed that financially we could pull it off. What I had not stopped to realize was that in exchange I am becoming a sleep deprived, impatient, unmotivated, stressed out Mommy. My kids are three of the most adorable, wonderful kids out there. Don't get me wrong. We have so many special moments together, we laugh, we play. But truth be told, I am worn out. The abundance of energy that these three little ones have has caught up with me. The noise level, the fighting, the destruction of anything and everything, the messes, the uncontrollable laundry and dishes...I need to step away from it all. I had to be VERY honest with myself to admit that I am overwhelmed, worn out, and ready for change. I have struggled with guilt over even considering going back to work while other Mother's are forced to. I have a choice, some do not. I had a short conversation with one of my best friends Angie not long ago. She is a working Mother of triplets, the same age as mine. As I vented my frustrations out to her for the hundredth time, Bless her heart for always listening, she pointed out that being home with them all day every day probably added to the stress. I gave that a lot of thought. There are times that I put the kids down, hurry and get dressed(yes, at 8pm), and race out the door to wherever is still open. Why am I finding peace everywhere but in my own home? I know a whole new set of challenges come with balancing a career and family, but I suspect that a Mother who works races home to find her peace. To hug and kiss all over her children and cherish every second she has with them. Either way the messes and the laundry are here to stay, but I have found that I am completely unmotivated to keep up on the messes that are reoccurring as quickly as I can clean them. I am outnumbered.

Last week, which will explain my absence in blog land, I threw my resume back together, pulled out some of my old work clothes and got on the ball. I cannot explain how liberating a feeling that was. To look at my own resume and remember how hard I worked for those credentials. I had a respectable career, I almost forgot that I was capable of more than mothering. To have the phone ring for interviews in response, I was amazed that I was still marketable after these few years off. The excitement came flooding in. I realized that somewhere deep down, I had been lying to myself. I have missed my old self. I want to emphasize that I take the responsibility of Motherhood very seriously. I respect each and every one of you who is in the trenches, spending every last bit of your energy on your household. It is admirable, and I am the first to praise you. But I have to be true to myself, and I think my time as a SAHM is up. I feel as if I gave my kids a solid 2 1/2 years of my undivided attention. They will always & forever be my first priority and my greatest love. But I am going to try and rid myself of any guilt I have for putting them in preschool full time and taking a part of myself back. I think it will in turn balance our crazy lives out. They will have the opportunity to learn in an atmosphere where Mommy is not always saying NO! and GET DOWN! all day. They will learn to play with other kids, count, read, learn the alphabet, and all those other things that I cannot always be consistent with. And I will get to do something I am passionate about and feel a sense of accomplishment. When I am home, I will appreciate that time so much more.

So this is what is going on in our lives right now. These are tough decisions to make, but the Lord will guide us in the right direction. I have done much praying about it and will continue to seek his answers.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I am so Thankful for you little crazies.

I had always secretly dreamed of the day that I would be sitting across the table from my very own little boy or girl as I watched them in adoration. It seems as if the very moment I fell in love with my Husband I could see our children in my minds eye. I could already imagine hearing things like "I love you Mommy" and the sweet giggles that would someday fill our home .

Today as we shared our first brave lunch date together, no strollers or highchairs just Mommy's two hands and a whole lot of faith, I suddenly remembered those daydreams about that moment. Only in reality I had three little ducklings sitting across from me, repeating my every word, folding napkins carefully into their laps, and giggling with excitement. In the midst of the chaos, the noise, and the endless amounts of energy that these 3 little people posses, it was nice to have a humbling moment.

As we sat at Baja Fresh I thought back to my days as a young college girl in Scottsdale, Arizona and all of the lunch hours I spent at this same place unaware of what turns my life would take in just a few short years. It is so fascinating to watch the cycle of life and amazing to have your wishes come true. No matter what level of craziness we reach, this was my biggest wish.

At the same time, I realize that these are the little memories that they will cherish as well. It's not the dinner that we painfully rush through, praying that the noise level at our table doesn't kill the ambience in that fancy restaurant, the perfectly coordinated outfits, or the squeeky clean house we have just before company arrives. It's the snapshots that we remember, the Saturday mornings when the house is actually a bit of a disaster and we are all snuggled up on the sofa together watching Charlie and Lola in our PJ's. If only I could freeze these little frames of our lives in my head forever. A little quality time with Mommy or Daddy and the excitement of simply being together and enjoying one another. It is my hope that they always stay close, enjoy each other's company, and love each other unconditionally. To have a family is such a Blessing.

And to remember these things just before a nervous breakdown is an even bigger Blessing;)

Monday, August 6, 2007

You know things are looking up when...

You got to the Mall on a weekend with no stroller and You and your Husband can successfully manage all three.

You help your toddler overcome the fear of the vacuum by teaching him TO VACUUM
*He did an awesome job for 2 1/2- hillarious pics coming soon.

You get through a whole coloring session and all of the crayons are in tact, wrappers and all.

You can bring out the playdough and not worry about them eating it

tearing off diapers and getting poop everywhere is a thing of the past because you are now potty trained. oops, can't say that one quite yet

Friday, August 3, 2007

Love it!

I am a very big fan of the German jewelry designer Niessing. My wedding ring was designed by them and it is my most cherished "material" thing. I was browsing around on their website and I saw this ring named quint...hmmmm? Turns out there is one that would be really cool for triplets and quads too! They are absolutely beautfiul and I love that they would be symbolic for us Mommy's of Multiples(sorry twin Momma's). I know what's on my wish list next Mother's Day :)

The day Mommy nearly loses her mind...

Yes Ladies & Gentleman, this Mommy is about to vent. This morning my kids made me cry...and not tears of joy. I can only remember this happening one other time and maybe once in the first few crazy weeks of their lives. But today, they got the best of me.

And here's the way it went

I bought one of my best friends a gift at the Coach store for her Birthday and the kids grabbed the bag down off the counter and pulled out the box. When I went to double check it, I realized the salesperson who beautifully wrapped it had accidently stuck something else I had been looking at in the box. How often do you get an extra something in your bag at the Coach store? Well, my conscience would not allow me to keep it for myself so this morning I decided to make a trip to the mall to return it and have a nice day out with the kids. I got up before the babes and jumped in the shower to get ready. Things were peaceful and quiet.

I get out of the shower 20 minutes later, and the hallway smells like a petting zoo.

My stomach immediately drops, not sure if it was from what I feared awaited me behind their bedroom door or the smell that was permeating in the hallway. I walked in to find my fear was reality. Poop EVERYWHERE. It doesn't take much poop smooshed into the carpet to make you feel that it is EVERYWHERE. And those little feet running around in circles and jumping on the bed will really multiply that feeling. Now, one thing I never like to do is greet my kids poorly first thing in the morning, but today my eyes went straight for the diaperless child and I was livid. Asjia chimes in with "Kaya big trouble, take off di-purrr". The kids are 2 1/2 and they know that this is a HUGE no no in our house! I looked around at the mess and just broke down and cried. I must add that I am not a crier. It takes a alot to get me there. The reaction from the kids was the same as I remember it being when I saw my own Mom cry...Uh oh, we finally pushed her over the limit This also marks the first day I have ever answered "what" to the kids instead of "yes" when they were calling my name(a big no no for me). Mason asks me while Im cleaning the poopy carpet where Daya was and I said "Daya's at work, lucky him". Mason repeats "lucky him". Ok I thought, time for me to check my attitude and make this yet another learning experience for them. I pulled the sympathy card... "look at this disgusting mess that Mommy has to clean up" "Can you smell this, isn't it disgusting?" "poor Mommy". They all chimed in, "oh Mama" "ewww, scusting" "dats nasty". Guess they got the point.

Perhaps someday I will look back and laugh at this. Not today, and probably not tomorrow either.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRHDAY to the Steece quads. I have been keeping track of Suz's Blog for a while and saying lots of prayers for them. Welcome little Angels, may God continue to watch over you and get you home safe and sound!

And, OMG, how exciting is all this baby news! I just stopped by the Wilkinson Quints Blog and saw that their Quintuplets made their BIG debut on Tuesday weighing in from 3lb 6oz to 5lb 1oz!!! They made it to 34weeks, AMAZING!

Congratulations to both families, our thoughts and prayers are with you!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

More thoughts on "our little crew"

Being gone a weekend with one child can really stir up a lot of thoughts. What I am realizing is that our family is exactly what it is supposed to be. I always worry about the attention each one of our kids get and even feel guilty about not having more one on one time with each of them. I was blown away with Asjia's behavior on our trip to Texas. It seemed like she just flourished. It made me wonder what each one of the boys would have been like on their own. Who would my kids be if they were a singleton, how much further would they be in terms of development if I had hours to invest in things like colors, numbers, or potty training one at a time.

Then I came home. As we drove in to our neighborhood, Asjia covered up her eyes and literally started squealing. She was so excited. We got to the driveway and she threw her little arms up in the air, "we home" "Macy, Kaya, Daya"! She walked through the front door and ran to them, gave them hugs and was patting them on the head. She was so excited to help Mommy pass out surprises to everyone. I had wondered if the boys even noticed her being gone, and yes they surely had. They seem to have bonded with one another. She talked about them the whole time.

Last night at bedtime it was as if they were all overjoyed to be reunited in their bed together. They all ran upstairs, snuggled up and were soundly sleeping in no time. Today they are still excited to be back together. They were playing ring around the rosy all day and one thought kept coming back in to my child can't play ring around the rosy with themselves. Things are as they should be for our silly little family.

Our little crew

My kids really did make leaps and bounds this past weekend. They are really coming out of that toddler hood and seeming much more like "little kids". Today I heard Asjia remind Kyle about "ladies foost" as he was pushing his way in front of her for a The sweet thing was that later on I set their juice on the counter, her and Kai grabbed one and to my surprise she ran straight to Mason and said, "here you go Macy". She is learning chivalry and selflessness both, yay! Today they all helped me unload our groceries from Costco and bring them to the front door. They were all pretty big things and I was shocked at their strength. They were actually a big help! This evening Kyle "cleared" the table for me, without even asking. And when I say "cleared" I mean he brought me all of the dishes instead of ditching them on the floor like I expected. It was the sweetest thing. Asjia caught on to what he was doing so she jumped in and picked up all of the food that had dropped on the floor and brought it to me.

I was reminded of a special I watched recently on TLC about a family that had 16 kids...yes 16! The family was quite amazing and really inspired me. The attitudes of the Mother and Father were very positive. Everyone worked together and had a very important role in making the household successful, it was amazing. They built an enormous custom home all by themselves and everyone was involved. Those 8 years old and up were all issued a drill! The Mother mentioned that it was easier with sixteen than when there were only five, which I found to be pretty interesting. I often wonder if I am to hard on my kids. I do not cave at their every beck and call, and for 2 1/2 I often wonder if my arms length is a tad to far. However, I think that my kids have an advantage over some others, they will probably be slightly ahead of the game when it comes to things like blowing their own nose, tying their own shoes, and making their own beds. One thing I am sure of is that there is never a shortage of love, comfort, or support. As long as I am alive they will have an abundance of those things. I am ok with that.

Thank You Janelle...

One of my very best friends Janelle sent me a few amazing pictures that she took of my children during her last visit. Unfortunately the beauty doesn't quite translate through the scanner, but I am sure you will be able to identify the beauty that I see.

I am embarrassed to admit, but I cannot figure out which one of the boys this is. They are not identical and usually look quite different, but this picture has me stuck. It makes me realize just how much they do look alike!

This one is definitely Kai, he loves to have his finger in his nose(we are working on that one)!

More sweetness from Texas...

This was the amazing view from outside the airplane window. It looked sureal, like a fantastic fluffy blanket that you could just jump out the window and land on. There were a few times when Asjia got nervous and asked to "get down from da sky", but overall she was fascinated from what she was seeing and understanding from just outside that window...

Here is my sweet baby girl taking a little nap in my arms. She was all tuckered out from the excitement. She was such an awesome little traveler. She screeched with excitement a few times as we were descending into Dallas, " I see cars, I see da bus, I see big chu-ruck, I see da boats, I see trees", it was so entertaining to see her light bulbs going off.

This is a sign for one of the stores in the mall. Ironically, this is Asjia's nick name from her Daddy. He calls her "Asjie-Buiyahkah". Don't ask. I had no idea it was a real word and cracked up when I saw the sign. If anyone knows what bui-yah-kah is please enlighten me.