Friday, June 29, 2007

a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

the quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like.

to accept tolerantly or sympathetically: to grasp the significance, implications, or importance of.

to be careless or unalert; allow one's alertness, vigilance, or attentiveness to lie dormant.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Having a Flashback

There are moments during the craziness when it suddenly hits me that soon, these moments will be memories of the past. Time passes so fast, and each stage is so special in its own way. I have to stop myself and suck it all in. I was just thinking about how quickly two summers have come and gone, and how quickly this one is going. I had to dig up a picture and reminisce...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jessie Davis

Jessie Davis, the pregnant Mother of a two year old, 9 months pregnant with her second child and missing since Friday was found today. I have been sick watching this story unfold. What has happened to us? Why is a story of this nature becoming common?

My heart is broken for her family who is left behind to grieve. Her Mother said in a statement today *something like* I encourage you to turn to your loved ones and tell them that you love them, you would never think the unimaginable would happen to you & you never know what the next day may bring. So true.

There is simply no explanation for such acts. Evil is the only thing I can come up with. I pray for her family, especially her little son. I pray that she suffered little. I pray that justice will be served & that her family will find peace eventually. I pray that she and Chloe are together in Heaven. God Bless them all.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Little Children

Just watched "Little Children". I had no idea what is was about, just a random netflix pick. My brain is still processing the movie. Very thought provoking. I think as a Woman, a Mother, and a Wife I could identify with it in a way. Scary to admit. We are all human, guaranteed to make mistakes & have poor judgement at times. Not to mention emotions that sometimes dictate our actions. It was a good one...disturbing but necessary.

My Naughty Pleasure

I bought the "kids" a snow cone machine for those hot summer days out by the pool. Thought it would be a fun treat for them. Funny how they have had 2 and I have had about 3927423847 It's not even like I can hide my addiction either. The loud grinding sound gives me away every time. So far Im feeling no guilt.

Hi, Im down here, buried underneath the laundry...

Ok we have this dilemma, maybe just maybe there is someone out there who can relate and has a solution.

My hubby is in charge of laundry, bless his heart. Problem is, it doesn't get done until we run out of onesies or underwear, which ever comes first.

Our laundry room looks like remnants of Hurricane Katrina.

When he finally gets a chance to do his "chore", he has about 15 loads to do...then Hurricane Katrina moves from the laundry room up to our bedroom because I am the "putter awayer".

Unfortunately, his timing and mine usually don't line up and we go days with laundry stacked in every possible square foot of our bedroom until I have a chance to tackle putting it away.

By the time I get that done, we have another 15 loads of dirty laundry again. And so the cycle goes...

I am not blaming either of us. We just happen to have triplets plus one, a three story house with the laundry room in the basement, very busy schedules, and no housekeeper.

Open to suggestions.

I daydream about a clean laundry room...

Friday, June 22, 2007

In Regards to my Addiction...

First and Foremost...
I ran across a page that listed a bunch of triplets, quads, and quint blogs! I was so excited that I would have so much to read that I thought I would add these links to my favorites so anyone who ever visited my page would get the same benefit. If you see your name on the left and don't know me yet it is because I have not yet gotten around to reading through and commenting on some of them. If you would like to be added to the list, drop me a line. What a fun network to be a part of!

I am pretty new to this blogging phenomenon, but I must admit, I have not fixated on anything this much since I bought my ipod. It all started when my little sisters convinced me to get a My Space. That was a big thrill for a while, though I thought it was a bit juvenile. It was mostly a creative outlet for me designing my page and such. Since my world revolves around these three crazy kids of mine...this blog gets much more attention!

It has been so fascinating for me to find other parents with higher order multiples & take a peek in to their lives. When I first started this blog it was for family to keep up with us and I often wondered how anyone other than family would ever find it. I have since made a few friends and I am addicted to finding more families like us and have found this to be much cheaper than any professional help that a Mother of 2 year old multiples might need!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Where's Daya?

I just think it is so adorable how my kids literally squeal with excitement when their "Daya" pulls in to the driveway from work. It's amazing to me that they can pinpoint almost the exact time to start asking for him and sniffing around like little hound dogs. They cruise the dining room and peek out the window in shifts, and when someone gets the lucky look and he's actually backing in it becomes complete mayhem! What a good feeling it must be to have such an enthusiastic and loving fan club to greet you when you walk in from a long, hard day at work.

The question, "where's Daya?" is probably the most often repeated on any given day, and today I decided to see just how many times I heard it. I lost count at 72.

It also breaks my heart how sad they get in the morning when we watch him leave for work. This picture is EXACTLY what I see every morning...

2 year olds are not to be trusted

My kids came close to the auction block today. After weeks with no poop parties, I decides they were ready to be trusted without onesies. Ha...Did that ever backfire (no pund intended)! In just a couple of short minutes diapers were ditched and my living room turned in to what looked & smelled more like a petting zoo. Have you ever looked at a mess and just wanted to walk away from it and hope it would clean itself up? The thought of setting them on the front porch with a "for sale as is" sign actually crossed my mind, but only for a quick second. Can I say, THANK GOODNESS FOR MY LITTLE GREEN MACHINE:)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day Wishes OXOX

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Husband and the Best Daya in the Whole Wide World!!! And, to my Dad...the other "Best", I am a truly Blessed Woman!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday Yum

Im feeling so Martha Stewarty today. I hadn't made this fruit tart in years, since college to be exact. The first couple of times I made it, it was a train wreck. I was so proud of the way it turned out this morning that I felt like I had just given birth to another Ok, maybe a little dramatic. Had to post a pic and share the super easy recipe.

Fruit Tart

2 ready to bake pkgs. sugar cookies

1 block of cream cheese

1 cup apricot preserves

sugar to taste

strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, kiwi, & mandarin oranges

simply spread out the dough and level on a pizza pan or shallow baking dish & follow baking instructions. allow to cool. mix cream cheese with 3/4 apricot preserves, and sugar to taste. spread all over cookie as if you were making a pizza. arrange fruit in a circular ring pattern around cookie. repetition is key!

for the glaze: bring remaining apricot preserves and a few tbs. of water to boil. use a brush to apply a thin layer of glaze over the fruit and any exposed cookie crust. refrigerate for four hours & Enjoy!

and it begins...

So Christian, my 11 year old stepdaughter is here for the weekend and it's been a while since I got to spend quality time with her. Asjia's hospital episode kind of dominated the whole weekend during her last visit, and the one before that was a girl scout trip. She is suddenly pre-adolescent and whoa lemme tell ya, terrible two's doesn't seem so bad after all! The crazy emotional stuff that starts happening, and the questions, and the desire for the young lady to work her way out of that little girl body...those are scary things! She is becoming such a little woman so fast, at times it is hard for me to switch gears. I go from ABC's and colors to questions like, "what does virginity mean?". I pray that God gives me the grace to manage it all effectively. Either way, she is such a good helper. This morning she let me sleep until 10:00 am!!! She came in and told me the babies were awake at around 9:15 and she changed all of their diapers and went in their room and played with them until 10:00, now that's a sweet reward!

practice makes perfect

Here are some pics from todays visit to the pre-school playground. After surviving a 4 hour shopping trip, that was the least I could do for my babes! We have been frequenting the pre-school after hours just to get used to the playground and develop a routine of getting out of the car and into the building(yes, this takes practice). The funny looks on Mason's face were because he hated the sand on his feet.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pre-School Panic

So I am sitting here just imagining what I will do with my 6 hours a week when the kids start pre-school in September. Will I grocery shop in peace? Hit the mall, get a pedicure, come home and sleep, have lunch with friends...oh the possibilities.

Then suddenly an episode of earlier today flashes in my mind. Kyle took his diaper off and pooped on the floor within 2 minutes of me taking my eyes off of him. When he ran up to the gate in the kitchen naked I was praying that the other two had not followed his lead. No, instead they were standing around it saying, "eeeeww That's Nasty"'s always a fine line between frustration & laughter in these situations. What would the pre-school think of that? And what about the pushing and fighting, and stealing of toys? What about the fact that my boys are much more entertained by pushing something over than playing with it, or dumping juice & snacks out rather than eating them? I wonder if they are prepared for my kids?

My kids have an ability to become perfect angels around strangers and Im wondering just how long after school starts will this wear off? Im a little nervous...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tantric What?

I was watching a clip of Sting on Oprah talking about Tantric Sex and how he and his wife have been rumored to "make love" for up to 8 hours at a time...

I thought to myself, Tantric Sex? Yeah, more like Tantrum Sex. That's when My husband has a deprivation induced tantrum and I finally give in.

Just thought the contrast was was funny, 8 hour tantric sex or 8 minute tantrum sex.....oh how kids change things!


Here's a few things I heard over the weekend that made me smile...

Kyle- "oh, you so cute" as My Mom walks up the stairs after getting ready to go somewhere

Mason- very loudly, "oh by Gosh" in reaction to me slamming on the brakes, the others chimed in and repeated it afterwards.

Asjia- "Mo Handy, Mo Handy" this is her asking for candy. She gets more confused with

Kyle- "I budge you Mama" his version of "I love you" as he lays down for bed the other night.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Random Thoughts

Yay! Super excited about the step 2 wagon being re-released for a limited time. After stocking a handful ebay users and searching craigslist ads in surrounding cities, we finally have a brand new shiny one on the way!

Should I be worried about comments from unknown users or is that the point of a blog? People with other blogs I understand, but if they have no blog, how did they find me, and should I be wondering about their identity? I am new to this blogging phenomenon so I thought I would ask before I get nervous. Someone please explain to the clueless girl how all of this works...

I am so over townhouse is not conducive to life with multiples. Why have I not seen a positive change in the size of my derriere after climbing 3 flights of stairs, what seems like hundreds of times per day?

Why is it that out of all the expensive toys my kids have bamboozled out of me, the favorites are still:

1- empty cardboard boxes
2- any hazardous cords
3- slamming open doors

Nina Goes Home :(

I am a feeling blue today, I must admit. My Mom went home after a much needed dose of her. We got to spend a whole week with her, and I am blown away by how much LOVE she brings with her every time she comes. It makes me sad that my kids only get it from her a few times a year. Being far away is just plain terrible...

On the positive side, we had such a great week together! Here's a list of accomplishments...

my Mom & Dad celebrated their 30 yr anniversary via the telephone- proof that making sacrifices for your kids doesn't stop at age 18, I Love You Guys!!!

took the kids to 3 different grocery stores in a row- that was interesting

went out to several restaurants and ate our meals successfully- those kids menu $1.99 deserts rock!

had a date with my husband

took over the waterpark

watched 5 movies from beginning to end

cleaned out Kohls- they called asking for their kids department back

got to go to the mall and shop SOLO, complete with hair & makeup on

gave & received hundreds of kisses & I love You's

cleaned places in my home that I forgot existed- or maybe I blocked them out?

laughed until someone peed their pants- name will remain anonymous

Thank You Mommy, we miss you & Dad terribly! Please hurry back!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

i love my kids

My kids are so much cuter when I have someone to help out. That sounds alot more harsh than the way I mean it to sound, let me explain. Having my Mom here gives me a chance to sort out the noise and actually hear the sweet little munchkin voices. It gives me a chance to relax a tiny bit, another set of eyes makes a big difference. I have found myself laughing at things and appreciating things that normally I would not have the time to stop and appreciate. We have been having a blast with Nina, and Im gonna be sick to see her go home.

Friday, June 8, 2007

feeling all better

Asjia is back! Here she is in her new "high heels" compliments of her Nina(Grandma). My Mom bought ger these so she wouldn't hurt herself trying to walk around in

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

trusting your Mommy instincts...

I thank God for giving Moms this built in thing called "instinct". Asjia was sick with a fever of 103 when I decided to take her in last week. The Doc dismissed it as a virus and instructed us to manage the fever by alternating motrin and tylenol...blah blah blah. Same as always right? I told her that I was concerned about the way she was breathing, it was very labored looking. She told me that it was because of the fever and to just make sure she stayed hydrated and sent us on our way. I did everything I could to keep her temp down that night and into the next morning, but I was nervous about the breathing all night long. My Husband and I kept her between us in our bed so we could watch her chest.

Next morning we get up and my poor child is a limp noodle. She is still fighting for air and looks to be giving up. She was like a floppy doll laying on the sofa. Her eyes were glassed over and she looked terrible. Something in me panicked and I suddenly felt like I needed to get her to the Doctors office and fast. The other half of my brain was worried that I was being the over paranoid Mother who calls the Doc for every little question. I second guessed myself about taking her in again, after all the Doc told me this was to be expected. Luckily, my instincts won. I drove to the pediatricians office with the comfort of knowing that there was an ER in the same building just in case. I walked in, sat her on a chair and went to check in. She lied Down and her eyes started rolling back...OMG The nurse who had just gotten an ugly phone call from Grandma(my Mom) comes out and takes one look at her, and says "Uh Oh, this little one is in bad shape". Suddenly Nurses and Doc's were coming out of no where to get her temp, her pulse, etc. I felt like I was dreaming. Long story short, they called 911 and we ended up being taken to the hospital.

The ambulance driver questioned why I had not called 911. When I sat for a moment and answered I realized it was because I felt like an over dramatic Mom. In fact, on the way to the office the second time I contemplated going straight to the ER so I didn't have to beg our Doc for a different answer.I had just been told 24 hours earlier that she was ok. He told me that kids have very small airways and that they see many cases with unhappy endings because every second counts. So, my lesson in all of this is that we as Moms know our children best. We trust our Doctor's because they are trained professionals. But, going forward I will trust my gut more. If I don't get an answer that makes sense to me, I know I need to rely on my insticts & trust my inner voice.

I Thank God for watching over us and being right on time as he always is...

is someone playing a joke on me?

Sometimes I have to wonder when the Punk'd cameras are gonna come running around the corner...then I remind myself that Im not a celebrity.

Last week it was the stomach flu, first Mason, then Kyle, then Daddy, then Mommy & Asjia. Next was a cold, Mason first then Asjia. Then was a very scary respiratory infection for Asjia & a short(Thank God) hospital stay. Then we come home to an eye infection for Mason and a mysterious rash on Kyle....ok, I surrender!