Sunday, January 23, 2005

welcome "asjia simone"

finally, my dream of having a baby girl is answered. i remember the one thought i had when we were told we were having triplets was that i had pretty good chances of having a baby girl like i had always imagined. she was delivered between her brothers...only 1 minute apart for all three. she came out quiet and worried me. she needed a little oxgen but her little face was so beautiful. she was also big and healthy at 5lbs 14oz and had a head full of hair! she was so fun to watch during all of my sonograms. she would always hear our requests for her to nudge kyle and make him move for us. she was smart in the womb and she continues to surprise me with her smarts and intuition to this day. she is my sweet girl, mommie's helper, and someday my little partner in

welcome "mason alexander"

oh boy...where do i start with this one. he has definitely been fiesty from mason moved and kicked so early and so much throughout my pregnancy that at times i really wondered if i would have excessive stretch marks on his side! like a mommy of triplets has any mercy when it comes to stretch marks, why did i even bother worrying about that? mason kept me entertained. i would often worry about lack of movement and i could always count on a response from him with just a little nudge. he came in to the world screaming and has not stopped since....whew! he is my clown, always a smirk on his face, big flirt, and very healthy set of lungs to let you know when the joke is over!he was smallest at 5lbs 2 oz and i think i will always think of him as the "baby".

welcome "kyle reid"

my sweet kylie bear was the first to arrive in this world. he was big and strong weighing in at 5lbs 15oz. he had a nice hefty cry and then silence.he is my observer. he was such a quiet boy in the womb, and his personality has stayed consistent with that. he had such a beautiful round head and for the first 8 months or so, big blue-grey eyes. i remember having to stretch my arm down very far to rub his part of my belly and give him affection during my pregnancy, i always felt bad that my other two got so much touch. i have since made up for any time lost:)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

the happiest day of my life

*writing this in hindsight*

after 3 loooooong months on hospital bedrest, today is the day. i woke up this morning with no idea today was the day. i had my early morning wake up by one of the residents and answered all of the blah blah blah questions. after eating my yucky breakfast, i turned my attention to tv and braced myself for another long day. i was wearing a pair of yellow pj's with cherries all over them that my mom had sent to me. after my first round of monitoring, dr. al-khoutly comes in to check on me. she looked at me symapthetically and said, "you are very uncomfortable aren't you?", of course my answer was yes. not even 30 minutes later she was back to alert me to call my my husband chris, today was the day! a few hours later nurses were in and out of my room moving my decor(i literally lived there) to my new post-pardum room. the whole situation was so sureal. i had prayed, pleaded, and begged for this day and finally it was here. i suddenly was so scared and wanted to get dressed and make a run for it. i wonder if anyone would notice? no one would pay any attention to a woman resembling shrek walking down the street in a hospital gown would they? i seriously considered it...

after a couple of hours in triage, i was wheeled in to the o.r where there would soon be a crowd of more than 15 people. the whole process was so quick and such a blur from that point. i remember pulling my oxygen mask off because i felt like it was suffocating me, i remember them rocking my body back and forth, i can remember the look on chris' face, and then....

the sweet sound of my little angels first cries. what a moment. to see each one come in to the world and hear their cries...nothing can describe this moment. i remember EXACTLY what each one looked like and how they sounded, that memeory is forever.

thank you dearly to God for this tremendous blessing...i often wonder why he chose me? i never felt deserving of such an amazing blessing, but i am flattered. thank you dearly to all of my friends & family who helped me get through such a trying time in the hospital. thank you to dearly to all of the wonderful nurses and dr. al-khoutly who helped me to get my precious angels here safely. and last but not least, thank you dearly to my husband who was there by my side day and night & still somehow managed to function at work and remodel our home while i was in the are a rockstar.