Friday, November 16, 2007

Why didn't I know about this?

I just discovered the best thing a Mommy of three pre-school age kiddos could discover. The teacher supply store! OMG OMG OMG. Where have I been? I got so excited in there I could barely stand myself. For a second I felt guilty that I had cheated my kids out of these great things for the past couple of years, but then I realized that it is not until now that they have been ready for it. So, if you have never been, RUN don't walk to the nearest one! We have Lakeshore Learning Center here and it's awesome! I decided that if I stay home I will turn the basement in to a full blown "pre-school" and I will have a structured learning schedule for them a few days a week. Fun Fun Fun:)

One of my favorite things is this walking rope. I was so amazed that they were able to train my kids to walk and hold on to this rope at school. I was very paranoid with them going on walks without me at first. The school id downtown and the playground is a public one two blocks away so they walk there. The first few days I stuck around so I could chaperon. The teacher looked at me like an alien when I drilled them about any stray kids who had been hit by cars or lost on the daily journey. They assured me no child had ever gotten off of the rope outside, and I half heartily believed them. So, I tested the idea a few days later. I always have my kids on lock down when we are taking a trip to the mall or the park, so that day I decided to try the rope theory. I cut a long piece of curling ribbon from my gift wrap box and called it "the rope". I could not believe my eyes as my kids walked a total of six blocks to and from our neighborhood park without letting go even once. I was sold! So here it is Ladies and Gents...

Love it, Love it, Love it!
And it could be yours for the low low price of $19.95 Yahooooooo

*oh yes, pics of the hair coming soon!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

little snippets of my cuties

One amazing thing that has come as a result of going to school...they are so much more open to other people, places, and things. I was shocked when I got them to feed the goats out of their hands. Just a couple of months ago they were running from puppies!

Kai finally got his wish of "drive tractoh" What a little cutie he is. We actually couldn't get him down once he went up. He held up the line and we had to go dig him out of the driver's seat.

Asjia & Mason trying reeeaaaly hard to pick up that pumpkin.

Watching the pony eat after taking him on a ride. They held on for dear life so my pictures of that were blury. It was adorable though, they were so proud of themselves♥

has it reeeaaaly been that long???

It's amazing how time passes us by. I really need a laptop so I can blog in How are all of my beloved blogging Mamas? I have felt utterly disconnected from blog land for the past few weeks. My computer was very ill & I couldn't even check up on your pages:( I will surely be making the rounds!

Where can I start?

Yesterday was one of those precious days that I desperately needed. The ones where its rainy and cold and all you want to do is roll from your warm bed to your sofa and snuggle up with your bambinos all day. We watched Cat in the Hat twice, ate homemade chicken noodle soup and played "wing awound the wosy" more times than I could keep track of. I didn't brush my teeth or get out of my pj's until 9pm when it was time to run to Target:) Didn't clean a single thing either, IT WAS FABULOUS!

As Tori told you guys, I am still working. I can't really make a move just yet because the school is still reviewing the scholarship info. Unfortunately, you need at least an associates degree in early childhood education to be an assistant there, so that was not an option afterall. But honestly, both Chris and I have gone back and forth a hundred times over and still can't decide what is best for the whole family. The kids LOVE to "go skoooo" so I feel bad taking them out to be cooped up with me all day again. And Lord knows that we cannot fork out nearly $700 a week to have them there while I lay around the house looking like a hot mess pretty. I know the answer will come in due time.

In the meantime...We had a great Halloween. We visited the pumkin patch and went trick or treating with the 3lb crew. M.A.C has been a lot of fun. Lots of hours, but lots of fun too. My Best Friend April came for a short visit:) and speaking of short.....I cut all my hair off. This is the first time in my life that I have had short hair! It's taking a bit of getting used to but everyone seems to approve. I am super excited that I have three days off Thanksgiving week and actually get to stay home and cook! And, I am super duper excited that my whole fam will be here the week before Christmas to visit. They bring loads of love, laughter, and entertainment with them:)

Hope all of you are in good health and good spirit, I have missed you dearly. Talk to you very soon!