Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I taught her well...

That's right doesn't matter what your hair or outfit looks like, as long as you a rockin the high heels life is good!

I guess investing in a TV that could be mounted on the wall in order to keep the kids from standing right in front of it really didn't work after all.

Holiday Weekend

We just Love Love Love these 3 day weekends! First and foremost...our thoughts & prayers go out to all of the fallen soldiers. Thank You to each of them and those still fighting for our Country. Regardless of how I or anyone else feel about the War in Iraq or War in general, these young men are the reason we sleep comfortably at night without the sounds of sirens and bombs tormenting us. Thank You for your courage & self sacrifice.

On that note, we had a great time celebrating the weekend. Saturday nights dinner was great at Buca di Beppo. The kids had just enough petience to sit through dinner...YAY! Sunday we spent with the 3lb crew BBQing and letting the kids be kids. We always have so much fun with them and it means the world to me that our kids have eachother too! Monday was nice and relaxing. A little shopping, burgers on the grill, and family time....what's better than that?

Friday, May 25, 2007

It's the little things...

Can I just tell you that I am so excited about Saturday's dinner at Buca di Beppo that I couldn't care less about the craziness involved with taking the triplets out to dinner! They can go right ahead and throw spaghetti wherever they please, I have been craving this for about a year now so, BRING IT ON...mmmmmm

What's up with that? i know Im a little blog happy today but I am a tiny bit dissapointed with the Gap right now. I have been waiting for them to get the Gap Red products for kids and finally they get it....ummmmmmm, but it only goes to 24mos!!! What is up with that? Only infants want to contribute to Aids in Africa? I have plenty of Red for myself and I wanted my bambinos to get with it too.....what the heck were they thinking??? I think I have to send them a little note for this one!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

sick babies...

Well the last couple of days have been terrible for the boys. It was really strange, I was doing the dishes and realized there was silence. I peeked around the corner to find the triplets all standing around a puddle of throw up on the floor...yuck! I was confused because everyone seemed fine & I couldn't figure out who had gotten sick. I ushered them into the living room where my next surprise awaited me. Someone had gotten sick all over every piece of furniture in the whole room. It scared me that I had not heard anything and I felt terrible. Needless to say, it was all down hill from there. Luckily it only lasted about 24 hours, probably a flu bug. Asjia & I managed to escape it, but I felt so bad for her. She could see her brothers were sick and she was concerned, but at the same time she still didn't understand why they got priority in my lap. These are the painful parts of having times you could really use an extra set of hands and maybe an extra lap too! Today we are all better, Thank You God!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

had to show you...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

cherish the moments

Yep, we be dancin fools. I caught a glimpse of Kyle's eyelashes today that took me back to when he was a newborn. Something reminded me of his sweet, tiny face brand new. It's crazy how the time has passed and crazy how it feels as though they have been with me for a lifetime. It's a tough task to cherish each moment, but so necessary. I wish I could freeze these images in my mind forever. No picture would do it justice. Every stage, the backround noise, the scent...they change so quickly. Recently I heard a quote with so much meaning behind it, something to remember as each day is there and gone so fast... "every 60 seconds you spend angry, sad, stressed, or frustrated is a minute of joy and happiness in your life that you will never get back"

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

weekend of *fun *fun *fun

Our weekend was surprisingly relaxing for having so much fun! We spent saturday lunching with our BFF's lala, nana, & miss bebe :) After disrupting all of the good people at Chevy's we made our way to the park and played ourselves to sleep...yay! Saturday was supposed to be my night out but things happened and we ended up lounging on the sofa watching movies. That was actually much needed. Christian was here this weekend and we all snuggled up together. Sunday was great fun at "The Taste of Arlington" with our extended family(the 3lb crew) again...we love them. Yes we were stared at and heard the famous one liners, but it was great to get out in the sunshine and socialize. Food & friends always= good times! Sunday night was family dinner @ the Jones' we had a good time catching up with the fam and playing with cousins, and did I mention there was cheesecake... made it all worth it *wink*