Thursday, May 29, 2008

Married with Children.

I recently heard that the new divorce rate for married couples is 43% for first marriages and jumps to 67% for second marriages. That combined with the statistic that couples with multiples are three times more likely to divorce makes me feel a little doomed. This is my second marriage, I have triplets, and truth be told my marriage often times does feel the stress of our lives.

I heard another interesting remark on the subject of marriage & children recently and dug around online to find some discussion about it. This is the belief that the secret to a happiness and longevity in a marriage is keeping your husband first, kids second. This sparked my interest since I have never considered this the order of my priorities, my kids have been above all since the moment they were brought in to this world.

Here is some of the discussion

What are your thoughts on this subject? What are your secrets to a strong, happy marriage while managing the stress of having children? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Help, I am trapped in a Zoo!

Well, sometimes it's more like a pet store depending on which animal alter ego we are. Today I have two kitty cats and a "mommy cat". The two kitty cats are trapped under laundry baskets and will not stop

Irony= this Mommy is highly allergic to cats, hmmmmm?

Earlier, and quite often actually, it feels like the running of the bulls in my house. For instance the phone rings...suddenly there is me and three little people around me running for the same phone. Someone's bound to get trampled :/

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thoughts for today...

Thank God for Chick fil A indoor playgrounds:)

My kids are so cute, how'd I do that?

How can someone so cute be such a pistol?

Where is my usb cable so I can download these pictures???

How in the heck did my Verizon bill get to $700?

Little butts look so cute in underwear. Hopefully we will get over poop in the potty anxiety soon:)

Hope everyone is savoring the beautiful days of spring as much as I am!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ahhhhh Spring

Spring is here and I feel myself coming back to life. Time goes by so fast when your not blogging! I am wondering how many precious, humorous, or down right awful moments I have missed documenting and are now trapped somewhere in my memory reserves? I vow to get consistent with this blogging thing. It makes me feel better, and sometimes when I go back and read my own words it's like an out of body experience. It will be a fun treat for my kids to enjoy later.

I got a laptop and I quit my full time job at MAC to be a freelancer so I have no excuses. I am now doing makeup on the side for fashion shows, print & editorial work, and hopefully some weddings very soon. I also freelance for MAC and Smashbox when I feel like going far that's not often. I am loving it. MAC was the perfect place to point me in the right direction. I never knew I had this natural talent and passion. I wish I could have discovered this 10 years ago, I might have won an Oscar by

The kids....well, that's just what they are. My babies are now kids with imaginations, oodles of questions, loads of personality, and voices...OMG Loud voices! My home is a noisy, messy, chaotic place. It is also more importantly a place of happiness, laughter, learning, and so much love. It feels nice to have a little freedom. Being able to let them wander to the basement and play by themselves, walking through target on foot and all staying together, it's the little things that make a big difference.

I have lots of pictures to download so those will be up soon. I can't wait to make the rounds and see how your little cuties have grown and catch up on your lives! Thank you all for your love and support after Courtney's death, your kind words are near and dear to my heart. Talk to ya soon!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rest in Peace my dear friend...

I am so shocked and devastated over the death of one of our close friends. Courtney was one of a kind, he was sure to light up a room and make you laugh.

It was just a few weeks ago that we caught up with each other and planned to get the family together and hang out. Unfortunately, I did not call soon enough. It is so hard for me to wrap my mind around this. How could it be? I had skimmed over the forwarded mail he sent me in my inbox several times not knowing that he would be gone from this earth the next day.

Death is one thing I am not prepared to handle. As a Christian, death should not be so hard to grasp. But I admit that I am extraordinarily attached to the physical.

I pray that the Lord gives Susan, his dear wife to be and their two beautiful children Blake and Raigen peace in their hearts. I pray for her strength to go on with two babies counting on her. I pray that their little minds are not to confused and that they have little angels assigned to them to give them extra peace and comfort.

Courtney was killed in the line of duty. He was a Maryland police officer and was a victim of a hit and run accident while laying cones to re-route traffic. The woman who hit him was later found and arrested on a previous charge of failure to appear in court for a DUI. They found empty alcohol containers in the back seat as well as alcohol on her breath. So tragic, so senseless.

It is such a painful reminder of how I take my own life for granted. How I take for granted that my loved ones will always be here.

I am paralyzed with sadness. Is it really too late for me to say goodbye? If I shout loud enough that I loved him and cherished his friendship will he hear me? Did he know? What can I do to give any little piece of him back to his young children that will never get to know him? At 2 and 4 how much will they remember? ughhh, I can't get over it. Truly my wish is to honor his legacy and celebrate his life, but forgive me for my emotional out pour. It is all just so fresh and shocking. I can only hope that Courtney is looking down and knows that he will forever be loved, that his friendship was cherished, and that he will not be forgotten. I will miss you dearly.

birthday pics...only about 14 days late;)

Asjia is blury so I didn't post but more pics coming soon!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to my precious angels...

It is hard for me to believe that three years ago today was that special day I will never forget. The day that I had almost every conceivable emotion running through me. The day I was instantly changed in to a real woman. The day that will forever be my happiest and most memorable. The day that my life went from somewhat ordinary & peaceful to complete The day my three amazing babies were born!

Here are a few of my memories from that day...

I was on my third month of Hospital bedrest

I was wearing my Mom's pajamas that she had left when she visited. They were yellow with little cherries.

I was just about to eat breakfast

and the Doc came in to tell me it was my day. After the Resident had visited me earlier in the morning and my discomfort was obviously unbearable, they had made the big decision that it was time and that I was in the safe zone.

Fast forward a couple hours and Im in the O.R. looking around with such fear I could barely keep it together. The lights, the table, ughhhhhhhh. I actually contemplated running, although it would have been more like a brisk waddle. I wondered to myself how far a Woman resembling Shrek in a Hospital gown could get before they caught me. Really, I did. I remember the room filling up with people. I think the number got up to 20 something. I remeber a fantastic anathesiologist, and my petite 4'11" Doctor standing on a stool to get to my belly. Minutes later were the sweet cries of my babies, The look of awe on my Husbands face, and the most amazing moments of my life.

My sweet Kyle was first. I remeber his arms spread open and they were so long. Then Asjia, my baby girl with a dainty little cry. Then Mason, my little peanut. He had a full head of hear that looked like it had just been cut at the barbershop. He looked around and cried a few seconds later.

It was magical.

Here we are three years later. I have three amazing little people to show for it. Thank You Kyle, Asjia, an Mason for bringing so much happiness, love, and laughter in to my life. Thank You Lord for Blessing me so abundantly.

Happy Birthday, Mommy Love You!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


yep...Im turning into one. I keep finding myself lurking through pages and pages of blogs, old and new, and leaving without a comment. I am lazy, I am selfish, and I am going to blog hell I know. What is my problem? I am on overload, my brain has more to process than it knows what to do with. Hopefully I will find my old self soon. Until then, sending all my beloved blog friends love. Know that I truly do love you!