Thursday, January 11, 2007

the triplets turn 2!!!

Wow! Two years have flown by. Time to embrace the terrible twos! We are really looking forward to potty training and getting out of the highchairs...yay! Bottles and pacifiers are a thing of the past, and soon so will diapers and dirty highchairs! It has been such a joy to watch my kids grow and change and see the excitement in their faces when they figure something out & discover new things. I can't wait until the warm weather rolls in and we can actually get down the stairs and in to the car fairly independently...that means lots of good times at the park and out and about!

It scares me to think of just how fast time has passed. Pretty soon they will be in school and I will not know what to do with myself. Second thought, I have plenty of ideas on what to do with myself:) One thing about multiples that makes me feel a little sad is that when these sweet stages are gone, that's it, I will most likely never experience it again. That is why I suck it all up and constantly have the camera in everyones faces, sorry!

Happy 2nd Birthday Little Angels! Mommy Loves You!!!

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