Sunday, January 23, 2005

welcome "asjia simone"

finally, my dream of having a baby girl is answered. i remember the one thought i had when we were told we were having triplets was that i had pretty good chances of having a baby girl like i had always imagined. she was delivered between her brothers...only 1 minute apart for all three. she came out quiet and worried me. she needed a little oxgen but her little face was so beautiful. she was also big and healthy at 5lbs 14oz and had a head full of hair! she was so fun to watch during all of my sonograms. she would always hear our requests for her to nudge kyle and make him move for us. she was smart in the womb and she continues to surprise me with her smarts and intuition to this day. she is my sweet girl, mommie's helper, and someday my little partner in

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