Wednesday, April 18, 2007

spring carnival

We had lots of fun at the annual spring carnival for our mutliples group!We were even brave and managed a fun dinner with our friends afterward, fun fun fun! Being a part of a multiples group is a great way to bounce ideas off other Mom's & it's nice to know that you are not alone in this crazy experience:)I am most grateful for meeting one of my best friends Angie through our club! Which reminds me of a funny story I must tell:

So my kids are 7 months old & I decide I am brave enough to take a trip to the mall semi-solo. I bribed a teenage neighbor girl to come as an extra set of hands in case of any obstacles. We strolled into Claire's as part of the "helping out" deal and the sales associate is going nuts over the kids. She gives me three lollipops for them and I kindly say no thanks. But, she pushes them at me and says, "just in case you have an emergency". I thought to myself doesn't she see that they are just babies, they don't eat candy yet. Well, low and behold we get out of the store and start walking to my ultimate destination, Baby Gap, and the kids decide to go nuts! Being a new Mom & relatively inexperienced with outings to the mall, I feel my face get hot and red with embarassment. I felt like I stood out as it was walking around with triplets, but now they were all very upset. So I look around and decide, what the heck, let me pull those lollipops out and test the theory... SILENCE:)

Now, mad dash to the Gap! Im shopping around and I see this couple with two strollers and 3 babies which appeared to be the same age. I asked the question that I myself answer day after day to curious onlookers, "are they triplets?" They both kindly answered yes. I said, "wow, I have triplets too". So they get excited and look over. Imagine kids are all hanging out of their stroller drooling over the lollipops in their mouths, dressed like toddlers who had just come from the park. Theirs are all perfectly snuggled into their infant carriers in their little bundle me's. Oh how sweet they looked. We both asked almost simultaneously how old eachothers kids were, "mine are 7 months" I say. "really, so are ours!" OMG, talk about embarassment! My kids were looking & acting much more like 2 year olds at that moment and the embarrasment I had felt during the crying fit could never measure up to the embarassment I felt at that moment. In hindsight the contrast between us was straight up comedy. Needless to say, I quickly lost interest in my Gap mission and left swiftly. Turns out several months later that I would show up at their house for a playdate organized by our multiples club, it just so happens she's a part of it too! We recognized eachother and laughed about it. Funny how things happen, I almost died of embarassment that day at the Gap and now look, she ends up being one of my most best friends! Angie, I hope you know how much I luv you and how glad I am that you are in my life!

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3lb said...

you are being so much harder on yourself for that than you need to be!!! when i tell the story i never think of the lollipop! i think about the day i meet my new best friend!
i'm so happy i have you in my life. most of the time you are the only person that understands what i'm going thru. our crazy crazy crazy wonderful lives!!!