Tuesday, May 15, 2007

weekend of *fun *fun *fun

Our weekend was surprisingly relaxing for having so much fun! We spent saturday lunching with our BFF's lala, nana, & miss bebe :) After disrupting all of the good people at Chevy's we made our way to the park and played ourselves to sleep...yay! Saturday was supposed to be my night out but things happened and we ended up lounging on the sofa watching movies. That was actually much needed. Christian was here this weekend and we all snuggled up together. Sunday was great fun at "The Taste of Arlington" with our extended family(the 3lb crew) again...we love them. Yes we were stared at and heard the famous one liners, but it was great to get out in the sunshine and socialize. Food & friends always= good times! Sunday night was family dinner @ the Jones' we had a good time catching up with the fam and playing with cousins, and did I mention there was cheesecake... made it all worth it *wink*


3lb said...
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3lb said...

what a great idea! ok so i had to do it too!
thanks for putting the girls on here!