Friday, July 2, 2004

we are having TRIPLETS!!!

It was June 16th 2004

I should first start by saying that all I have truly ever wanted in life was to be a Mommy. I have always imagined myself with a big, happy family. For the first few years of our relationship Chris and I had assumed that this just was not a biological possibility for us. I had been married before and never gotten pregnant when most people would have, and with terribly irregular periods I figured something was wrong. I had done much praying about it and always remained hopeful. I always felt so guilty(the Catholic in me*haha*) asking God for this gift knowing that I would have gladly accepted it before we were actually married, and secretly wishing it would happen NOW! I was ready to start a family! We were busy planning our wedding and we decided I should see a fertility specialist since my GYN did not seem to share our concern over my irregular periods- I had not had one in 8 months at that point! I scheduled an appt. and shortly after found out that I was not ovulating on my own. My Doctor put me on a low dose of Chlomid, as well as a horomone to trigger my period to try and jumpstart things. Our plan was to get the eggs flowing & the body regulated so that we could hopefully get pregnant as soon as we got married...if it happened before then we would count our Blessings and still be over the moon.

Month 1 on Chlomid, Chris and I loose all sight of the fact that we are in the middle of planning our wedding and we continue on having loads of that pre-marriage pre-children sex and just "see if it works". In all honesty, I think we were in disbelief that it would work. We both wanted to have children together so badly and I think somewhere in the back of our minds we thought it would never happen for us.

Beginning of month two, after following close instructions from my Doctor, I waited to see if my period started on its own- it did not. In the case that it did not, I was to take a pregnancy test. To make a long story a little shorter, I did, it was barely positive and we were in complete disbelief. Could the test be defective, possibly on the shelf to long at Target? Could it be true? Could I really be someone's Mommy someday soon???

After confirming the positive reading with a blood test, we were thrilled that our doctor had scheduled us for an early ultrasound. It was perfect, we were a week away from flying out to Las Vegas to vacation with my family andI had always imagined the day that I would surprise my parents with that very first photo of their grandchild. I was diligently planning a creative presentation of our big surprise...

As the sonogram began, Chris moved to my side & the Doctor & Nurse stood together reading the screen.I could barely stand not seeing, all I wanted to do was see something that reinforced thatI really was pregnant...please someone tell me Im not dreaming! so the Doc starts counting 1...2...3..and looks to the nurse. she says yep, that's three. meanwhile, as this was the furthest thing from my mind, Im wondering when they will stop the Doctor lingo and show me something. The nurse looks over calmly and says "your having triplets". Her and the Doc both giggle, and Chris' face looses all color(note-he is a Black Man). I said, "baby, they are just" and they both shake their heads no. "We don't joke about things like this" she says. "There are three heartbeats, all beating equally as strong"...That moment was what I imagine an out of body experience to be. I saw myself lying there, but never in a million years believed that what they were saying they were saying about me. ME? TRIPLETS? I always dreamed of having one child, and I thought twins only happened to super lucky lottery winning type of people, but never ever imagined triplets as a possibility for me. Surely this was a mistake...

My Doctor, God bless her, was a bit nervous sending us out of the office. She later admitted her reservations & told me that we were both pale and silent. Chris & I had met eachother that day and driven separate cars. We sat together in the parking lot just staring off, not knowing what had hit us. We parted ways, pretty much silently and drove home. I think we walked around for a good week in complete shock before the excitement began to surface. We would have to hold in the big secret for just a few days longer before we dropped this bomb on the rest of our unsuspecting family!

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