Saturday, September 8, 2007

Tag I'm it! And read on, you could be next!

How fun is this? One of my favorite Bloggers, Angie, in honor of her 150th post started this game of tag. I got tagged and have come up with 8 random facts about me. You could be next, look for your name at the end of the post!

In 1st grade we were asked to draw a picture of our best memory with our family. Living in Southern California, going to Las Vegas was a quick & fun trip. Back in the early 80's however, it was not so much the family friendly hot spot it has become today. Circus Circus was the place to be. Anyhoo, my teacher was a little concerned when I finished my drawing and it was of a slot machine with 777 across it. My poor Mom was mortified, but we still die laughing about it to this day.

Since the first fact was sort of revealing about the goings on in my mind(slightly different than most) this next one shouldn't scare you. One of my most favorite past times as an adult is driving through downtown DC after dinner or a night out and looking at all of the hookers. Can you believe that I'm admitting this to you? I can't get over it, the whole dynamic continues to intrigue me over and over again. Now that I think about it, I wonder if this has any tie to what I saw as a child cruising the streets of Las Vegas? I should mention thatI get super excited when the pimps are out supervising.

My nick name growing up was Missy Pissy. I was given the name because I would laugh until I was on the floor wetting myself. My little sister still does this at 21, glad I grew out of it. Just don't hold me down and tickle me.

I still have a Great Grandpa. He is in his 90's, still volunteers, vacations abroad, and golfs a few times a week. He's basically amazing. He's absolutely adorable, his skin is beautiful and he is probably healthier than most of his offspring. He is the Great Great Grandfather of my children!

I lived in Arizona for 14 years and never saw the Grand Canyon. I went to High School & College there and lived in Flagstaff, Tucson, and Phoenix without ever seeing it.

Earlier this year I read the book "What would Jesus eat", and was forever changed. I now try and stick with organic and naturally raised foods for myself and my family. I can't eat pork or shrimp without gagging. Sometimes the Outback ribs still make me try to forget what I know.

I once went out on two dates in one night. Just a year or so before I met my Husband actually. I came home from the first, changed my outfit, and went out to a second dinner. Needless to say I ate very lightly during round two. Carma got me back not long after.

When my Husband and I were living across the country from one another, early in our relationship, we proved that great minds think alike. During a middle of the night grocery trip with my roommate I wandered off down the isles of the grocery store. Since our anniversary was coming up I started browsing the card section. I found a really beautifully written card that expressed my feelings perfectly. The only thing was that it wasn't very pretty so I decided to change the envelope in an effort to make it look nicer. Chris called me a few days after I sent it out and told me something weird had happened to him but that I would soon see for myself, he could not reveal what exactly it was. The next day I went to my mailbox to find that he had picked out the very same card AND changed the envelope to the very same color as I had! What are the chances? I was in Arizona, he was in Washington, DC. Crazy!

Ok, there you have it! Now, TAG YOUR IT, and I have quite a few...Angie B, Sweetened Taters, Undomestic Goddess, Erickson 5, Four Silly Sisters, 3 Peas in a Pod, and Four Times the Fun


angie said...

These were so much fun....number 8 is totally amazing, and #1 & 2 totally cracked me up. I grew up in Southern CA, and almost all of our family vacations involved a stop over in Vegas. Sometimes we'd get left in the car while my dad and step mom played the slots (if it was winter), and sometimes we'd go in and wander around until getting kicked out of banned areas to minors. But EVERY TIME we ate at the buffet at Circus Circus which literally makes my stomach heave at the memory, and I we visited each casino as they opened. Remember Excaliber? That was vacation. When people went on vacation and stopped to visit us, we always took them to Hollywood and cruised Hollywood and Sunset Blvd looking at crazies and prostitutes. As a young adult I worked in the CNN building on Sunset and had so much fun people watching......some famous, mostly just working, if you know what I mean. I even had a BUM offer me a dollar once. I didn't know if I should be offended or take it as a compliment. ha ha.

I'm so glad you played along!!!

Casey's trio said...

Totally cracking up at the lookey-loo prostitute watcher you are and that it is a bonus on pimp night!
Too funny:)

loren said...

I would be pretty excited about the pimps, too! I've never seen more than one hooker before, and all that activity would be quite the scene.

I'll get on that list ASAP!

Undomestic Goddess said...

I will be thinking about 8 things about my self as soon as I can !