Thursday, September 27, 2007

hindsight is funny/funny

I had completely forgotten that I had these pictures from last week of the kids terrorizing me at Cheesecake Factory. We went out with my in-laws(about15 of us). The kids have NEVER acted out like they did that night, they pulled out all the stops! Asjia even said "oh shit" when she dropped her spoon on the floor. I had never heard nor expected to hear that word out of her sweet mouth. It would just figure that the table across from us was adoring them at just that moment. Having kids can be much like holding up a mirror to yourself at times. I have been working on my mouth, but obviously I need to clean it up real quick! I finally had enough embarrassment about an hour in to the evening, so I scooped up the boys and booked it out of there. We had a delightful time in the suburban and I finished my dinner at home in peace.

Here is me peeling the boys off the much for my idea of letting them try to do without highchairs!

silly little monkeys! Ok, this really is not funny, although his smile is adorable....
so we partied in the truck;)

This little man was the ring leader... Oh do I have stories for later on in life!


angie said...

What great pictures! Love those smiles. So cute. If my boys didn't have adorable smiles, I'm not sure they'd still be alive. The mischief they get into. The uncomfortable situations....I can't even imagine it with one more. I really like the observation you made about having kids being much like looking in the mirror. The last two times we took all of our kids out to dinner Jacob drank too much water and barfed everywhere so I got to enjoy my dinner elsewhere. :) Gotta love them, though!

Undomestic Goddess said...

they turned your hair Grey that quick? and not only grey but SHORT! j/k mlb

Laura said...

You can't stay away so long next time. This post was great, the pictures are adorable and I need to know all kids are terrors from time to time! So funny!

Casey's trio said...

I really like the picture of you with the "I've had it" look on your is a classic:) We have only been brave enough to go out to restaurants a handful of times. I'm always SO busy taking care of them that I'd rather get my food to go and eat it at home without scarfing it in mere minutes JUST in case we have to make a mad dash when one of them blows!
I am waiting for one of my girls to let a cuss word hubby is NOT good about watching his mouth at all.
Anyway...glad you're back:)

loren said...

hmmm... must be something about the seasons!

Alison's been saying g*dd*mnit and crap to everything.

Last week we took the girls out of town. I forgot the girls were still in the car and said "Oh sh*t" and all three piped up, repeating it over-and-over. They thankfully quit right as we pulled up to my parents' house!

Erickson 5 said...

We have missed you too and I am so glad that you stuck it out with the MAC job. Hang in there. It is hard but once you are all in your routine you will feel so much better. Good luck with Potty Training. That in itself can drive you to the looney bin!

loren said...

I miss you!

It's the great mofo delurk today... so I'm delurking although I never really lurked. How does that work?

Michele S said...

"Mommy says don't say damn it."

That's our favorite expression over here these days!!!

Sorry your dinner wasn't more "pleasant"!!!

Undomestic Goddess said...

ok after looking at this same post for the last 2 weeks I realized that the picture where I thought I was seeing someone with Grey Hair was actually the back of mason's head LOL
( yep thats right I am a complete dumbass) guess I need to get my eyes checked