Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stop and smell the roses babies

Today on my way home, I passed the hospital where I spent three crucial months on bedrest and brought my three little Angels in to this world. I had this urge to pull in there and run to my room. When I stop and think about it and take myself back in time, I realize all over again how amazing my life is and just how beautiful this journey has been.

I am asked all the time about the kids during those first few months. How did you do it? Were they premature? Did you have help?? And for a quick second I think about it and answer the question. Today as I sat gazing at the hospital, I really had the chance to remember that time. I could see all three of their precious little faces the day they were born. I remembered the feeling of awe I had. The fear I had of mishandling them, the panic I felt as baby's A, b, and C were wheeled in to my recovery room. The countless amounts of prayers that got us through. The sound of the cries, the sweet smell, everything. Aren't we so Blessed to be Mothers? It hit me again today as it often does, that I am divinely favored. God Loves me and has Blessed me abundantly...he helped me get one thing completely right in this lifetime. Nothing else matters♥


My name is Tammie said...

Tears. This brought tears to my eyes.

angie said...

OK, I've got to go searching and read more about why you spent 3 months in the hosptial and at how many weeks your babies were born. Your post reminded me so much of my feelings when I see the hospital where I spent 10 weeks before my twins were born. I don't see it often since I was hospitalized in CA and I live in OR now, but when I do drive by I just want to go in and see the nurses and show them how blessed I am. Sometimes I wish for some of that time back, too! But only knowing what I know now. I would have stressed a whole lot less and try to enjoy the time! :)

Undomestic Goddess said...

well if you go visit please wait for me, since I want to sit in my chair ,lay back and watch your 2 inch tv and make fun of the "handy Bar" and maybe just maybe make a memorial for my cookie pants(they are missing).

Welcome Back!! ( to blog land that is )

Casey's trio said...

I also spend time remembering back to my hosptial/NICU journey every once in awhile...seems so long ago but just yesterday all at the same time. Oh and the baby smell...nothing else like it.