Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Here's a few things I heard over the weekend that made me smile...

Kyle- "oh, you so cute" as My Mom walks up the stairs after getting ready to go somewhere

Mason- very loudly, "oh by Gosh" in reaction to me slamming on the brakes, the others chimed in and repeated it afterwards.

Asjia- "Mo Handy, Mo Handy" this is her asking for candy. She gets more confused with

Kyle- "I budge you Mama" his version of "I love you" as he lays down for bed the other night.

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loren said...

I love reading your blog cuz between the two of us we have our own sextuplets :) They are so peas in a pod sometimes... Emma is all about the "Ohhh my Gooosh!" in dramatic fashion! Along with "Sank You SOOO MUCH, Emma" that she tells herself.

As far as crazy people commenting on your blog (besides me) I wouldn't worry about it too much. I don't share anything online that I wouldn't share with strangers. But I'm pretty open about everything. I think some people who have triplets search for keywords like "triplets" to find blogs of people like us, but don't always run a blog themselves for the reasons you mentioned about privacy or maybe they're too busy. Who knows. Hope that helps - please keep blogging, though! I think it's so cool that our kids share a birthday and stages, to a "t".