Thursday, June 21, 2007

2 year olds are not to be trusted

My kids came close to the auction block today. After weeks with no poop parties, I decides they were ready to be trusted without onesies. Ha...Did that ever backfire (no pund intended)! In just a couple of short minutes diapers were ditched and my living room turned in to what looked & smelled more like a petting zoo. Have you ever looked at a mess and just wanted to walk away from it and hope it would clean itself up? The thought of setting them on the front porch with a "for sale as is" sign actually crossed my mind, but only for a quick second. Can I say, THANK GOODNESS FOR MY LITTLE GREEN MACHINE:)


Undomestic Goddess said...

one day the poop parties will be gone and you will for one second wish they would come back , because you realize that they are gowing up WAY TOO FAST....Much Love

loren said...

I actually DID leave a mess hoping it would go away. Not on its own, though :)

Kristin laid a turd in her bed that for whatever reason I didn't see (she usually isn't the one to do that) and I found it right before leaving Mike home alone at the house. I said, "I'm taking the kids so you can have peace and quiet. If you could just clean the turd out of Kristin's bed."

He did!

Triplet mama said...

UGGHHHH....the poop stories. Can't stand it and we've only had 2 occurrences so far.

Love the picture of the kids waiting for "Daya"...very sweet