Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hi, Im down here, buried underneath the laundry...

Ok we have this dilemma, maybe just maybe there is someone out there who can relate and has a solution.

My hubby is in charge of laundry, bless his heart. Problem is, it doesn't get done until we run out of onesies or underwear, which ever comes first.

Our laundry room looks like remnants of Hurricane Katrina.

When he finally gets a chance to do his "chore", he has about 15 loads to do...then Hurricane Katrina moves from the laundry room up to our bedroom because I am the "putter awayer".

Unfortunately, his timing and mine usually don't line up and we go days with laundry stacked in every possible square foot of our bedroom until I have a chance to tackle putting it away.

By the time I get that done, we have another 15 loads of dirty laundry again. And so the cycle goes...

I am not blaming either of us. We just happen to have triplets plus one, a three story house with the laundry room in the basement, very busy schedules, and no housekeeper.

Open to suggestions.

I daydream about a clean laundry room...


Jody said...

I don't know if you're looking for suggestions along the lines of, build tunnels and have adventures in the laundry room, or just make sure you do at least one load of laundry -- including putting it away -- every day.

I'm pretty good (eh) with the do-one-every-day thing. Putting it away? Not so much.

FlyLady has lots and lots of useful suggestions for tackling the Mountain of Laundry. I've just never been organized enough to have a system.

Good luck!

Michele S said...

I do one load a day too. I don't separate. It all just goes in one big clump. We have a front loader too so you can do big HUGE LOADS! In the winter it's more like two loads a day.

Karen said...

My husband, bless his heart, is also pretty much in charge of laundry. But even with one little one in the house, we're often drowning in laundry, and the only way we seem to be able to get around that is to understand a few things:

1. Occasionally I have to throw a load of laundry in, too.
2. Separating laundry (except for whites) just isn't going to happen most of the time.
3. Occasionally we both have to fold and put away.

I know other couples find other ways to get around it, but we've not found any other way. (This is getting harder and harder for us to figure out since I'm getting less and less capable of pitching in what with my expanding belly and restricted activity, but I imagine once the triplets arrive, we'll have to adjust our routine again anyway)

Jody's suggestion of FlyLady's method is a good one, though it never worked for me. (her method boils down to: never start a load of laundry that you can't finish, including putting it away. Personally, I don't think this works for a working mother or a SAHM with triplets... I think we have to take advantage of every free 15 minutes, period)

triplet mama said...

Getting the laundry done isn't my is the folding and putting away that gets me. It usually sits in the laundry basket, clean, and we pull stuff out of there and wear it.
I also don't sort like I used to!


You don't know me,I found your site on the steece's blog.Your children are adorable!I have a 6yr. old,3 yr. old,and twins that are 22 months and I am having this same problem.This is also my husbands chore and currently there are 5 baskets of clothes in my room and about 6 loads in our (very small) laundry room!!!Have you figured out how to fix this problem yet?If so,I would love to hear it!!:)

Cathy said...

I have the same problem, although I am both the washer and the put away'er! I have my dining room chairs up in my room, lined up on the wall (dining room became playroom number 3). Most of the time laundry (clean) is piled up there! I finally got through it all the other night, but it probably won't last long. Can't we just blame everything on triplets?