Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nina Goes Home :(

I am a feeling blue today, I must admit. My Mom went home after a much needed dose of her. We got to spend a whole week with her, and I am blown away by how much LOVE she brings with her every time she comes. It makes me sad that my kids only get it from her a few times a year. Being far away is just plain terrible...

On the positive side, we had such a great week together! Here's a list of accomplishments...

my Mom & Dad celebrated their 30 yr anniversary via the telephone- proof that making sacrifices for your kids doesn't stop at age 18, I Love You Guys!!!

took the kids to 3 different grocery stores in a row- that was interesting

went out to several restaurants and ate our meals successfully- those kids menu $1.99 deserts rock!

had a date with my husband

took over the waterpark

watched 5 movies from beginning to end

cleaned out Kohls- they called asking for their kids department back

got to go to the mall and shop SOLO, complete with hair & makeup on

gave & received hundreds of kisses & I love You's

cleaned places in my home that I forgot existed- or maybe I blocked them out?

laughed until someone peed their pants- name will remain anonymous

Thank You Mommy, we miss you & Dad terribly! Please hurry back!

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