Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bed time tricks

Usually my kids are so willing and ready to go to sleep at night it's really quite wonderful. Lately I have noticed a little bit of hesitation and even some Mommy manipulation going on. The boys, who are both pushing 35lbs both look at me with puppy dog eyes and ask for me tp pick them up and carry them up the stairs. I used to have no problem doing that, but we are talking about some sturdy little toddlers I have here. As I bent down to pick Mason up tonight he says, "Mommy, I scared". "Scared of what my love?" I ask, and he responds, "da bug". Then as I am dramatically walking up the stairs as if I cannot handle the weight of the two of them, Kyle says, "Mommy trong", and Mason chimes in, "I luh you Mama". Ahhhh, way to make Mommy's heart flutter. Then we get them tucked in to bed and it's kisses, and kisses, and "Mo Kissy please" until I have to be "trong" and cut off the kisses. I always feel so bad walking out of there, I am always wondering if everyone got the same amount of kisses and everyone is going to sleep feeling equally loved. I think they have really figured out how to get me.


triplet mama said...

What sweeties! I think I would find it hard to walk out of the room too with all that sweetness going fave line is "mo kissy please!"

My name is Tammie said...

That is to precious!!! So sweet! You must be one "trong" mommy to have raised such sweet children.