Friday, July 6, 2007

They really are nuts...

So the boys are downright crazy. They seriously crack me up all day long. If being a Pro Wrestler was actually a respectable sport, we would have a very secure future for them. I would start grooming their natural abilities now. I think we will shoot for something like Football, or maybe even Rugby instead. I can only imagine how life will be in 5 years time. Poor Asjia, she is always caught in the crossfire. She is going to be a tough little cookie. Nothing phases her these days, much like myself. Here are pictures of Exhibits A-I

Here is Asjia looking at them like they are nuts. She knows the deal.

The match moves to the sofa and the nudging turns to wrestling.

Kyle tries to pull mason up by his diaper, sofa cushions come flying off.

*I would have usually stepped in at this point, but photo journalism was my intention here

Kyle takes a breather, so Mason uses his lower body(backwards mind you) to trap him and pull him back in.

Back on to the sofa. Asjia gets trampled and thinks its funny for a fraction of a second.

Asjia fighting them off.

One down, one to go. "NO, NO!"

Mommy calls a timeout. Mason gives sister a kiss to show he is committed.

And we all made it out alive...

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triplet mama said...

If the zookeeper shows up at your house, tell him I have 3 monkeys out in California that need to be picked up!