Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The trials & tribulations of Motherhood

I usually try and keep my blog positive. After all, my life is positive & I am a happy person. I love my kids more than anything and I am thankful to be so divinely favored. Today however, was one of those days and I must air my dirty laundry. Those of you with multiples or even one child know that despite your efforts to stay happy & positive, this job can take every ounce of energy you have.

Today I felt like Lynette from Desperate Housewives. The one with the nasty little twin boys who are always pouncing on her. My kids woke up on a different planet, or perhaps I did...who knows? They had my heart rate up first thing this morning, no gym required. We went to Costco and people came out of the woodwork to try and help me, must have been the look of defeat on my face. At nap time the pictures were literally falling off the walls in the hallway because they were jumping on their bed. After the 10th time in their room to discipline them(and wondering what the neighbors were thinking)I heard them laugh when I shut the door. Those little suckers. Have you ever tried to clean poop off of a Jute rug? It's easier to replace it. I think we are playing a major role in keeping West Elm in business. That's the very reason I love my little green machine...which Mason got a hold of this morning, and before I could get to him spilled the poopy water contents all over himself and the clean laundry. Yep, upside down, stinky poopy water all over.

Now they are in bed, all lined up. They look like little Angels. It's amazing how these little tiny people can dictate a household. It's amazing how the love between a Mother and Child is so unconditional. How tomorrow when they rise, with their little sleepy faces, I will have totally forgotten about the torturous day they gave me today. And how they will have forgotten, and only care about my morning hugs and kisses and our journey down the stairs to eat breakfast together.
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triplet mama said...

Oh no! The poop incidents are the worst. I hope tomorrow is better.
Very special that you recognize the unconditional love and that all will be forgotten tomorrow.
Sounds like you are due for a massage!

Laura said...

I SO relate to this post infact I have had a day just like this. Every child has pushed me over my limit. I love how you reminded me that tommorow everything is forgotten, heck even naptime helps. Some days are just like that... but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. As for the poop incidents I have had more of those than I care to remember. My girls have been SO bad about removing diapers and making HUGE messes. I honestly thought I would never ever be able to stop duct taping them in their diapers. Poop water in the green machine sounds so nasty, LOL!