Friday, July 6, 2007

The best thing ever!

We finally got our choo choo wagon and I LOVE it!!! I only wish I would have had this thing a year ago. The kids think it's great and it makes shopping FUN:) It's now on my must have list for Mothers of Multiples, no doubt!


Undomestic Goddess said...

Looks like you were at the Mills? I wanna go shopping too !

triplet mama said...

So glad you finally got yours! It is pretty cool huh? We haven't taken it out shopping yet, but we'll have to give it a try!

Liz Dixon said...

Looks fun! Perfect for the kids. I'm sure that would be something great for my kiddos as they get a little bit older and steady. They love the small wagon we have right now. Thanks for the tip!