Tuesday, July 24, 2007

WOW...my babies are becoming kids

I often wonder who my children will be when they mature. Their little personalities are all so strong and distinctly different. I have realized that the single most frustrating things about each one of them is also that "thing" that makes them so special when I think of them.

My sweet Kyle is Mr. Independent and definitely the most Strong willed out of the three. His will is so strong that at times I want to just give up. He is so determined to carry out whatever it is that is in his plan, that NOTHING will stop him. He is a little bit of a loner and is usually off on his own little mission. The times when his personality traits make me swell up with love are times like today when he was determined to get his own shorts on, it didn't matter that both legs were in one hole, he was going to make it work. And the button was either going to get in the hole or he was just going to pop it right off. Or times like when the other two are fighting for a place on my lap and soaking up the hugs and kisses and I catch a glimpse of him just watching from the other side of the room where he is hanging out. It breaks my heart, and because of that I always make sure I snatch him up and give him lots of affection, even if I have to pin him down...lol

Then there is Mason. My little ball of fire. His energy never runs dry, and his smile is infectious. He is the little monkey that jumps on the bed for hours during naptime and laughs at me when I come in to settle them down. He thinks everything is funny, and it is really difficult to get him to take me seriously. He is the baby, if only by two minutes so I think he uses that to his advantage. He jumps on me and it hurts, but then he squeezes me so tight, and plants so many kisses on me that I can't get upset. He will definitely be my class clown and my flirt.

Then their is Asjia. My little lady. Drama Drama Drama. She should be an actress. She falls out like she has the holy spirit in her when someone takes a toy from her or when she is overly tired or hungry. But she is so gentle and sweet, and so intelligent. She is constantly surprising me with her humor, her memory, and the way she figures things out. She picks up on everything and is such a little ray of sunshine.

It is so fascinating how my babies are growing in to these little kids. They were who they were from the very start. When I think back to when I was pregnant, their personalities in the womb were very telling of who they are now. It's crazy to think of what comes next. What will these personality traits evolve in to and who will they become? It's amazing to me that I helped create these three little people.


Undomestic Goddess said...

oh how I miss thoses little faces, it amazes me how much Mason is like Charlie. The jumping and squeezing are still going strong with him even though he'll be 7 (makes me wanna cry thinking my guy is that grown up )and to think you used to ask me how he could have soooo much energy!

Undomestic Goddess said...

p.s please excuse the extra s in those my bad ;)

Laura said...

I love how you recorded their distinct personality traits. I have really noticed that some things about my twins are very alike and other things are VERY different. Even while pregnant my Sydney was letting us know a lot about her personality. I have to say all four of my children have different personalities, and thank goodness for that. Before I had my twins I used to think, "What would it be like to have two Lindsey's". After I had them I realized that there are no two of anyone (I already knew this I am sure). Sydney is totally her own person as is Hailey.

triplet mama said...

Your children sound so precious...you painted great pictures of their little personalities. It's funny, one of my girls is more independent and often likes to do her own thing and she is also SO strong-willed. As hard as it is sometimes, don't you feel so lucky to be a triplet mom and watch them grow and develop together with this magical BOND that not many other people have? Great post.