Sunday, July 8, 2007

Thank You for finding me worthy

Though this age is trying, I am overwhelmed every day at the rewards. Little things like hearing them say Please, Thank You, and Excuse Me all on thier own. After what feels like months of trying to teach them and wondering to myself if they even really got the message, it's music to my ears to hear it coming from their little munchkin voices. I know it seems crazy, but today Asjia sneezed and covered her mouth then turned to me and said, "escuse me Mommy". I almost cried.

When we got home from a party I attended with the kids this evening they all piled on top of Daddy. I raced to the office to lookup a foreclosure I had spotted down by the water. Kyle came running into the office yelling, "Mama, Daya got owie". I walked in to the living room where Mason and Asjia were surrounding him and taking turns kissing it to make it better. It just amazes me that we have so much control over a child's mind. It makes me so proud to see my children be well mannered, compassionate, and loving little people. Being a parent really is such a gift. I feel so honored that God chose me for this. I have no idea why he found me worthy, but I am so thankful that he did.


Erickson 5 said...

I love this post. I often feel the same way "I have no idea why he found me worthy but I am so thankful he did" You could not have said it any better. God is good. Love your blog!

Murray Crew said...

I believe I found you through Suz's blog, although I think you might have left a comment on know how us multiple moms all lead to another! Anyways, what a sweet picture and something to look forward to with my boys. Your babies are incredibly beautiful. \
Jen (quad mama)

triplet mama said...

The rewards are SO sweet aren't they?