Thursday, July 5, 2007

As we grow...

My kids never seize to amaze me. They are a guaranteed laugh every day. It's amazing how much they are suddenly picking up on. They can tell me when they are hot or cold or tired or hungry. They are becoming such little people. They point out every single truck, boat, fire truck, airplane, and bus when we are driving. They recognize our neighborhood when we get close and all shout "going home". They sense when we are close to the the "wada" and start cruising the front windows when it's about time for Daya to come home from work. Asjia thinks everything girly is "cute". She loves jewelry, painted nails, lipgloss(chapstick), and and dresses that twirl. The boys are starting to fight like men, ughhhh. They grab each other's shirt collars and wrestle each other to the ground. Asjia tries to break them up, shaking her finger no! no! They tell me when someone is scared. And now, the happy dance when something is super exciting. Our latest game is mixing up names. They call me Mason and Kyle, Daya & Nina. And Doggie & Piggy. Then I do the same to them, and we all crack up when we get it right. At times I can barely remember my life before them. What did I laugh at every day? What kept me feeling busy...or tired? All I know is that I would not trade it for the world.

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Undomestic Goddess said...

don't you know that thing you had before the kids wasn't a life it was "prelude to a life "

Prelude: an introductory performance, action, or event preceding and preparing for the principal or a more important matter