Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sleepless in D.C

The horomonal thing has passed and Chris and I are back on the same planet:)

I am feeling tired and a teenie weenie bit emotional at the moment. I feel like venting, but Im gonna pray about it and get some sleep instead;)Ironically, I just read Lots of Scotts post on Marriage & Honoring your Husband as well as The LPM Blog which had answers from a survey taken by husbands. Both were right on time! I learned that I need to dig up some more energy and be a better Woman and Wife than what I am being. Uh oh...

No, seriously.

Just a thought. I recently heard that lie detector tests worked by monitoring a person's physiological reactions. I think there needs to be a similar device which mediates communication between Husband and Wife. When stress or mis-communication is detected an alarm should go off and the device could sort it out and translate the broken languages that both people are speaking. Great idea right?

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