Friday, August 24, 2007

My 10 Biggest Fears

• God. Not the type of fear you might imagine. More of a fear of disappointment or shortcoming. I am constantly trying to put my thoughts, feelings, and actions into perspective and live more through his eyes.

• Death. No matter how secure I feel in my relationship with God, I am not comfortable with death. I am very attached to the "physical". I want to be right here in the flesh with my children...forever!

• Loosing a Loved one. Any of them.

• Illness. This should be my biggest fear being that I neglect my health. It is pretty close to last on my list of priorities, I need to get that in check!

• Failing as a parent.
Knowing that these three will most likely be my only three, it is scary to think that if I make a mistake in parenting, they will all feel the pain. Most parents get to improve with every child. I try and not let the chaos and stress in our lives take away from this wonderful and unique experience that we have been given.

• Balloons Popping. HATE IT.

• Bee's, Wasp's, or anything else that fly's and stings. I can run really fast when it comes to getting away from a bee.

• The filter at the bottom of the pool.

• Roller Coasters.

• Swimming in the dark.

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Undomestic Goddess said...

umm I think you forgot the one about PENCILS ; ) Love ya !