Thursday, August 30, 2007

I need to get over it, I know

I can't help but think of Austin and what his Mom Michelle has been through when I stop worrying for a moment about Asjia's upcoming surgery. It's minor, very minor. And I have been Blessed with three of the healthiest kids around. I have known she was going to need to have this cyst removed from above her eye for quite some time now. The Doc advised I have it taken out a year and a half ago but I wasn't ready. I am a big chicken, fear full of anything having to do with a hospital. Yesterday when he was explaining the risks of the surgery to me, I just couldn't help but question why that sounds better than just leaving the little cyst there. Is it really that critical? Then I think of the millions of successful surgeries that are saving lives as I write this, then I think of families like Austin's who's only hope in getting well is surgery. Even though it's scary to me, I feel guilty for worrying about trivial little problems that some people would gladly trade me for their enormous ones. I just wanted to express my feelings of compassion for all of you who have or are experiencing this scary and painful position. My heart and my prayers go out to you.


angie said...

Hoping the surgery goes really well. I think that when it's your child it doesn't matter how "small" or "large" the surgery's still your baby that has to go through it, and it's not easy!

Laura said...

Thinking of you! When my son had to have a minor surgery I was in a panic. I cried the entire time he was gone (20 minutes) and when he woke up from the anethesia I was there waiting. His surgery was minor but its still hard. I too cannot imagine what other families go through, my heart goes out to all of them!