Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Our little crew

My kids really did make leaps and bounds this past weekend. They are really coming out of that toddler hood and seeming much more like "little kids". Today I heard Asjia remind Kyle about "ladies foost" as he was pushing his way in front of her for a The sweet thing was that later on I set their juice on the counter, her and Kai grabbed one and to my surprise she ran straight to Mason and said, "here you go Macy". She is learning chivalry and selflessness both, yay! Today they all helped me unload our groceries from Costco and bring them to the front door. They were all pretty big things and I was shocked at their strength. They were actually a big help! This evening Kyle "cleared" the table for me, without even asking. And when I say "cleared" I mean he brought me all of the dishes instead of ditching them on the floor like I expected. It was the sweetest thing. Asjia caught on to what he was doing so she jumped in and picked up all of the food that had dropped on the floor and brought it to me.

I was reminded of a special I watched recently on TLC about a family that had 16 kids...yes 16! The family was quite amazing and really inspired me. The attitudes of the Mother and Father were very positive. Everyone worked together and had a very important role in making the household successful, it was amazing. They built an enormous custom home all by themselves and everyone was involved. Those 8 years old and up were all issued a drill! The Mother mentioned that it was easier with sixteen than when there were only five, which I found to be pretty interesting. I often wonder if I am to hard on my kids. I do not cave at their every beck and call, and for 2 1/2 I often wonder if my arms length is a tad to far. However, I think that my kids have an advantage over some others, they will probably be slightly ahead of the game when it comes to things like blowing their own nose, tying their own shoes, and making their own beds. One thing I am sure of is that there is never a shortage of love, comfort, or support. As long as I am alive they will have an abundance of those things. I am ok with that.

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