Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I am so Thankful for you little crazies.

I had always secretly dreamed of the day that I would be sitting across the table from my very own little boy or girl as I watched them in adoration. It seems as if the very moment I fell in love with my Husband I could see our children in my minds eye. I could already imagine hearing things like "I love you Mommy" and the sweet giggles that would someday fill our home .

Today as we shared our first brave lunch date together, no strollers or highchairs just Mommy's two hands and a whole lot of faith, I suddenly remembered those daydreams about that moment. Only in reality I had three little ducklings sitting across from me, repeating my every word, folding napkins carefully into their laps, and giggling with excitement. In the midst of the chaos, the noise, and the endless amounts of energy that these 3 little people posses, it was nice to have a humbling moment.

As we sat at Baja Fresh I thought back to my days as a young college girl in Scottsdale, Arizona and all of the lunch hours I spent at this same place unaware of what turns my life would take in just a few short years. It is so fascinating to watch the cycle of life and amazing to have your wishes come true. No matter what level of craziness we reach, this was my biggest wish.

At the same time, I realize that these are the little memories that they will cherish as well. It's not the dinner that we painfully rush through, praying that the noise level at our table doesn't kill the ambience in that fancy restaurant, the perfectly coordinated outfits, or the squeeky clean house we have just before company arrives. It's the snapshots that we remember, the Saturday mornings when the house is actually a bit of a disaster and we are all snuggled up on the sofa together watching Charlie and Lola in our PJ's. If only I could freeze these little frames of our lives in my head forever. A little quality time with Mommy or Daddy and the excitement of simply being together and enjoying one another. It is my hope that they always stay close, enjoy each other's company, and love each other unconditionally. To have a family is such a Blessing.

And to remember these things just before a nervous breakdown is an even bigger Blessing;)


Casey's trio said...

It is SO nice to really cherish those sweet moments, especially when you are in the middle of it....it will go by so fast. It is the sweet memories that get us through the next disaster!

Undomestic Goddess said...

OHHHHHH ( tears tears tears tears ) Scottsdale,az seems like forever ago, but then I think it was almost 10 years ago!I wish I had dorthy shoes to click you back here.

angie said...

beatifully put....I often wish I could bottle a little bit of each child to have with me always.

Laura said...

I totally agree. I was snuggling my twinnies last night at bed time and marveling at the beauty and sweetness they have brought to my life. It's amazing to love a child that much! All of my children bring so much joy. We need to remember these moments!

Erickson 5 said...

Amen! I to hope that my children will always remain close and the best of friends.

loren said...

You should print that on a handout to give to all new parents of multiples :)

I love reminiscing back to the days before babies... puts all that into perspective.