Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Thank You Janelle...

One of my very best friends Janelle sent me a few amazing pictures that she took of my children during her last visit. Unfortunately the beauty doesn't quite translate through the scanner, but I am sure you will be able to identify the beauty that I see.

I am embarrassed to admit, but I cannot figure out which one of the boys this is. They are not identical and usually look quite different, but this picture has me stuck. It makes me realize just how much they do look alike!

This one is definitely Kai, he loves to have his finger in his nose(we are working on that one)!


loren said...

The nose-picking stage... we're dealing with Alison right now. She's learned that she can sometimes fish things out of her nostril, which has made the quitting harder.

MB said...

We've found a Shel Silverstein poem entitled WARNING to be somewhat affective in preventing nose picking with Ella.

The Brookharts said...

Love the pics!