Friday, August 24, 2007

10 favorites

♥ movie: The Color Purple

♥ song: Whiter Shade of Pale by: Procol Harum

♥ designer: Chloe

♥ treat: toss up between Starbucks & Cinnabon

♥ memory: seeing my babies for the first time

♥ book: To Kill a Mockingbird

♥ smell: my kids

♥ sound: the rain, or my children's giggles

♥ actor: Christopher Walken

♥ color: brown


Casey's trio said...

I have to say that your twist on the 100th post is the best I've seen yet:)
Did you ever see Christopher Walken on SNL do the Blue Oyster Cult skit with Will Farell? I need more cow bell baby!!! We LOVE it over here...laugh hysterically everytime!

angie said...

Such fun reading your 10 lists!

loren said...

Christopher Walking? Really? I never would have thought!

loren said...

Hahaha! I wrote "Walking" - it's too early in the day for blogging (noon). I'm having problems getting all the word verification letters right, too!