Friday, August 24, 2007

10 things I want my kids to know.

♥ That you are my greatest Love, and my Love will forever be unconditional. There is absolutely nothing more important to me.

♥ God. Without him, there is no us.

♥ That you are individuals, and that each of your dreams and ambitions are equally as important to me.

♥ That you can achieve anything you put your heart and soul in to.

♥ That life is short, and never to be taken for granted.

♥ That it is important to learn from your mistakes.

♥ That laughter is medicine.

♥ That you have the power to make a difference. Be it on one or many, every little bit counts.

♥ That Daddy and I will always be here for you.

♥ That no matter what, you must always stick together and Love one another.

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angie said...

These are wonderful "things to know".