Friday, August 24, 2007

10 things all about me

♥ I am a God fearing Woman.

♥ I am staring 30 dead in the eye.

♥ I am a homebody.

♥ I never believed I would get to be a Mommy, but always wished to.

♥ I Love to eat.

♥ I am a girly the MAX

♥ I call my Mom at least once a day, she is my Hero.

♥ I met my darling Husband online.

♥ I secretley fantasize about living on the beach in jamaica and running a jet ski business.

♥ I am half Caucasian, half Mexican, my husband is a British Jamaican, and My kids are all mixed up.


Casey's trio said...

I'm laughing at the last one...aren't we all mixed up at this point? I'm also half White, half Mexican and my hubby is Filipino...being all mixed up surely results in some damn cute kids!

loren said...

my kids are all mixed up too, but it has nothing to do with their ancestry!

and I second what PP said about the "damn cute kids."

*PS - Do I have a post for YOU... I was TICKED when it happened. (I'll post on it soon, but right now, I must rescue my children from themselves.)