Monday, August 13, 2007

Yin and Yang = to Laugh or Cry

My Husband, I love him to death. He makes me laugh every single day. He is the most generous, gentle natured, hard-working man I know besides my own father. But how in the world did the most type A personality in the world find the most type B personality? I guess this is what yin and yang is all about? I am a bit anal when it comes to organization, you have to be in a household of this are a few funny things from the weekend that I really found no humor in at the time. I even took pictures to give you a better idea;)

I wonder in milliseconds how much longer it would take to peel back the safety seal than to punch through it like a savage?

And, how hard is it to keep sippy cups with sippy cups, lids with lids, bowls with bowls, etc? They all have a place, the same place they have been neatly lined up for 2 1/2 years. I let him do the dishes so he could feel the frustration I have over the dishwasher that has been broken for the last I got out of doing the dishes for once, now I have to go back and reorganize my kitchen cabinets. I think that is called "backfire".

And lastly, what in a Man's right mind would make him think that he should use a MAC lipstick to write a note to me on the mirror? And no, it was not a Love note. My MAC obsession is very well known, I am constantly made fun of for the big black metal suitcase full of it. I pull it out and polish it and play with it like a little girl and her barbies. When I woke him up at 1am to ask him what he wrote the note with(before I had found my mangled lipstick) he mumbled, "Oh Missy, You have hundreds of MAC lipsticks, I just picked one out of the box". This afternoon, when I revisited the topic over the phone he assured me it was no big deal and offered to re-shape it when he gets home, uhhhhh No Thanks. Lets just say, this note on the mirror cost him $20. I am going to Nordstrom later on today to replace it ;)


angie said...

Thanks for the favorite is savage punching through the the animal cookies seal....I'm a MAC junkie as well. I love their recycle program. It seems like anytime I want a new lipstick I'm able to scrounge together 8 old pieces and get a new one for free! Almost like finding the loose change under the cushions in the couch! :)

Undomestic Goddess said...

I hope it wasn't "the one" that you couldn't find anymore ;( Just for that tell him you ARE GOING WITH ME TO MEXICO!!!!!

Laura said...

OH MY!! I have to say the Mac lipstick issue really struck a nerve with me! My husband would know better than to EVER touch my Mac make-up. My twins on the other hand have destroyed three in the last months. I just keep collecting them for the recycle program. My lil sis gets a Pro discount at all the pro shops so I usually get it all 30% off, can't beat that! I am very famliar with the black/silver case! Great post! I totally relate!

My name is Tammie said...

LOL!! OK that is good. Its my turn to laugh only because I can relate! My savage husband can punch through a safety seal with the best of them. Now, if it ended up back in the cupboard where it belonged in the first place then your husband is much better trained than mine.

Michele S said...

I, too, am a savage. If you added up all those fractions of a second we've saved ourselves valuable MINUTES!!

Your comment cracked me up about your bathroom and calling the network. Do you think they'd take us BOTH????

Erickson 5 said...

I LOVE MAC MAKE UP!!! I am a junkie too!