Tuesday, August 21, 2007

100th post series

Hello Hello!

Well, I figured I would follow the 100th post celebration that I have seen many of you do. It's fun & entertaining, and gives us a better sense of who each other are. So here is the first of 10 posts in honor of the 100th. Enjoy!

10 things I could not live without as a Mother of 3 toddlers

♥ An emergency poop party prevention and clean-up kit which includes:

duct tape
tight fitting onesies
and a little green machine

♥ Zoo Pals paper plates, plastic utensils, and a big stash of snack size Ziploc bags. Not so environmentally responsible, but I think Mom's with two or more children are of the hook on that one.

♥ Ikea highchairs. Although we are almost out of the highchair stage, these were some very well kept secrets. They are simple, easy to clean, and stack in to a nice neat little corner.

♥ Nearly illegal doses of caffeine.

♥ A Costco membership and an extra freezer(I am still working on the latter).

♥ A Choo Choo wagon. What did I do without this brilliant little invention for the first 2 years of my triplets life?

♥ A stash of chapsticks and candy bracelets. These can be a real lifesaver in airplanes, Doctor's offices, and shopping malls .

♥ A Petsmart nearby to substitute for the Zoo.

♥ Spanx...the lady who perfected these things is my hero! I carried almost 17lbs of baby, enough said.

♥ A posse of Momma Friends in Blog Land.


Casey's trio said...

Love the post! Thanks for the idea of Petsmart in lieu of the zoo:)

Undomestic Goddess said...

Quick question, Do the kids eat the chapstick and rub the candy on their lips or do they stomp on the bracelets and dig their fingers into the chapstick?

Jennifer said...

fantastic post! thanks for the tips, you have some great ideas. My trio are turning one next month. I will definitely use these.

I think i like the ikea highchairs, candy bracelets and petsmart the best.


Erickson 5 said...

We use the Ikea highchairs. The candy bracelets and chapstick are a great idea. I also like the Pet Smart idea. Thanks for sharing.