Tuesday, August 21, 2007

10 "I would rather's"

♥ I would rather endure every challenge that comes with being a Parent of Multiples than to live one day without my children.

♥ I would rather be happy, healthy, and loved than be rich, famous, and beautiful.

♥ I would rather drink coffee than tea.

♥ I would rather have a hand full of great friends, than tons of acquaintances.

♥ I would rather see the ocean than the mountains, and I would rather be surrounded by the desert than lush green trees.

♥ I would rather be at home with my family gathered around lounging on the sofa, than out on the town.

♥ I would rather stay up late at night than wake up early in the morning.

♥ I would rather write an email than talk on the phone.

♥ I would rather have 1 thousand dollar handbag than 20 cheap ones...my poor Husband;)


angie said...

Loved reading this.....I might have to steal this idea for my 150th post. I didn't even know it when I published my 100th. I would SO rather write an email or a comment on a blog than talk on the phone. In fact, my phone didn't receive calls for almost 3 weeks, and I actually LOVED it! :)

Undomestic Goddess said...

Well I would rather eat cake than pie ;) much Love